Korea Breast Plastic Surgery

WHY Breast Surgery in Korea?

Breast surgery in Korea not only boost your beauty, but also your confidence in once. Breast augmentation commonly to use implant and need approximately 2-3 hours. This surgery is simple because the surgery region is large but not too sensitive. It is important to choose which breast implant that will match to the body, location for
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Hair Line Contouring by Famous Plastic Surgery

Have you ever cover your face with your hair? Or have you ever feel not confidence with your wide forehead and try to cover it with your bangs? You will think the problem is your face shape but it might be on your hair line. Then you should considering about famous plastic surgery who will
Korea Rhinoplasty

Why Celebrities Rhinoplasty Always Revised?

There are so many rumors about Korean celebrities rhinoplasty that saying about revision is necessary. Even people might think that basically nose job must be done at least for 3 times. Of course this is a mistake and big understanding. In order to expect for successful surgery, there are few things that important and need to
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Korean Eye Surgery vs Forehead Lifting

Sometimes when you feel there is no problem about your eyes, but you just want to improve your looks. No need for Korean eye surgery, and you should considering of forehead lift. Forehead lift is a surgery that literally lifts the forehead. Forehead lift surgery can improve sagging eyebrows and wrinkles that are present on forehead
Korean Face Contouring Surgery

Facial Contouring for Buccal Fat Removal

Another most popular plastic surgery in Korea is facial contouring. We can see for the result of Korean beauty by their v-line face shape. Facial contouring itself has various procedures such as: complex facial contour, cheekbone reduction, square jaw reduction, front chin surgery, forehead augmentation, paranasal augmentation, non-invasive contouring, and face contour revision. One patient might
Korea Breast Plastic Surgery

Korean Breast Plastic Surgery Use Your Own Fat

What is Fat Graft Augmentation? It is a surgical method for Korean breast plastic surgery using an advanced device called Harvest Jet. It greatly increases the engraftment rate of autologous fats. Autologous fats are extracted from thighs and abdomen areas, and engrafted to the breasts for volume enhancement. In addition, Korean breast plastic surgery uses water
Korea Rhinoplasty

WONJIN Rhinoplasty Nose Allergy

Nose allergies is an inflammatory reaction to house dust mites, mold, animal air, and pollens. To take medication for nose allergies, of course we have to know what allergies we have suffering of. WONJIN Rhinoplasty can give solution for this problem. If nose allergies not be cured by WONJIN Rhinoplasty, it can lead into several nose
Korea Eye Plastic Surgery

Korean Celebrities Frown Eyelid

As a job who always have to maintain their looks, Korean celebrities has their own beauty standard. To do Korean celebrities eyelid surgery, the scar should not be visible and it also should turn to natural result. Many of Korean celebrities are diagnosed to do Ptosis Correction just because they have drowsy-looking eyes. However,
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Korean Plastic Surgery STEM CELL

Human body is consisted of 60 trillion cells with at least 200 types. There is special cell that can morph into any cell of the body and that is called stem cell. Nowadays, Korean plastic surgery is increasing stem cell technology for tissue regeneration, improve immune function, growth factor activation, and self-renewal cell to divide