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3 Main Causes of Under Eye Bags [Korea Eye Plastic Surgery]

Have you tried many natural ways to get rid of under eye bags but it still didn’t work? Also, there are countless products on the market which claim to help de-puff and lighten the area under the eyes, they don’t always work. Then you should consider Wonjin Korea eye plastic surgery to solve this problem.

Korea eye plastic surgery has provided under eye bag correction that corrects the dark or droopy eye bags, caused by different reasons such as bone structure, fat composition and pigmentation. Fats are removed or re-positioned through incisions made on the the conjunctiva, and thus does not require any stitch removal or recovery time. It immediately results to a bright and youthful appearance.

Wonjin Korea eye plastic surgery has recommended this method to those who:

  • Have protruding under eye bag
  • Look much older than actual age
  • Appear fatigued or sickly due to dark circles
  • Have visible dark circles even after using concealer
  • Have tired looking eyes

There are several for sagging under eye bags’ causes. Also, different methods can be diagnosed based on causes of dark circle/droopy under eye bags.

  • Causes 1: Sunken bone underneath the eye
    • The bony structure makes the eye bags look sunken can create a shadow-like pigmentation under the eye. This can be corrected by fat grafts and injection of fillers. This will provide more volume to the area and create smoother look eliminating dark circles
  • Causes 2: Pigmentation of the skin
    • Due to pigmentation, skin can appear darker. This can be corrected by fat removal and micro fat grafting
  • Causes 3: Dark circles due to fat under the eye
    • Surgery through the conjunctiva leaves no scars. Make-up and face washing is possible allowing for faster return to everyday activity. After consultation, sagging skin can be corrected with Korea eye plastic surgery

  1. I would like to have the bags under my eyes removed along with my drooping eye lids. What is the total cost for the surgery?

    Thank you.

    Yemessratch “Titi” Schwartz

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