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4 Best S-Line Type For Cheekbone

Making S-line instead of V-line for ideal perfect face? Is it even make sense? In Korean face contouring, it’s more natural and more dimensional look to create S-line face shape to make younger looks. Through cheekbone surgery, it will reduced on front side and side looks to make dimensional slimmer face.

Baby Face S Line

Through the 3D rotation principle, the bone will be rotated and moved to inner side to make slimmer facial line but to leave some volume on front cheek.

Untied S Line

Only with moving side cheekbone to the inside, plenty effect will be seen. The protruded cheekbone will be incised and move to the inside to make natural looks.

Tight S Line

To make perfect slimmer face line along with lifting method, this method can make tighter skin and slimmer face.

Quick S Line

The newly advanced method effective for side cheekbone that make wider face look to be slimmer face line.

If the bone is fractured too much, the face could look unnaturally flat so it is important to keep some volume on the front cheek. Desirable face should have natural curve from front, side, and 45 view. Therefore, it is important to keep some volume, not just pushing back cheekbone. Along with WONJIN Korean Face
Contouring’s 20 years experience, we will give you slim and youthful face.

Appropriate incision sites of Korean best face contouring are decided based on the 3D CT scanning results in order to reduce the laterally protruding points of the cheekbone. Such detailed analysis detects the most optimum points for reduction and therefore, the patient can expect satisfactory results seen from both front and side.

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