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4 Reasons To Do Korea Rhinoplasty

Why you must to do your first and last Korea rhinoplasty at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group? Korea rhinoplasty is the most important surgery that need more attention and abundant of experiences to do it. To prevent revision surgery, it’s better to find out best rhinoplasty in Korea. More than 20 years in Korea rhinoplasty world, let us introduce you 4 best point of rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin.

  1. Unbelievable basic system of Korea Rhinoplasty
  • Systematic specialized treatment procedure
  • High quality safety management system that make patient as number one priority even on the emergency situation
  • Aseptic surgery room : Building high safety environment that prevent fine dust and bacteria on air and control temperature and humidity
  • Real time monitor : Maintain radiocardiogram and blood pressure, temperature, respiratory, oxygen in the blood in real time surgery and after surgery
  • Central control management system : Control patient condition in central management
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply : To prevent unpredictable condition like natural disaster that can make light out
  • Cardiovascular pulmonary and circular blood kit : Possible to do free airway when in emergency situation
  • Body temperature maintenance : To prevent low body temperature when in surgery

2. Various Korea rhinoplasty surgery case experiences!

  • Safety : Confirmed on variety surgery case experiences
  • Speed : Shortening surgery time through abundant surgery experiences and basic of know-how
  • Exclusive : Designing surgery based on analysis of face shape and nose’s structure

3. 1:1 Customized Safe Anesthesia System!

  • Pathology department specialized : A comprehensive medical testing with 30 kinds of blood test
  • Anesthesia department specialized : Exclusive safety maintenance before surgery until the recovery process

4. Custom personalized system that care with heart!

  • Exclusive surgery room : Used to comfort outpatient treatment
  • Swelling care system : Custom medical examination
  • 1:1 Exclusive manager : Exclusive from pre-consultation until the after-care treatment
  • Coordinator translate service : English, Chinese, Japanese is available for foreigner patient
  • 24-hours call center : To solve inquiries or inconvenience after surgery 24-hours

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