Age-Based Best Eye Plastic Surgery in Korea

Do you know that best eye plastic surgery in Korea classify their surgery based on age? Why they do that? Mostly, skin around the eyes are different one and each other. The older you are, skin elasticity will decrease.

Therefore, best eye plastic surgery in Korea are do different methods based on age. Cases of teenager whose still young and has strength elasticity. They would prefer non incision surgery which gives more natural-looking double eyelid.

For the cases of 20s and 30s, the incision method is popular among them. Incision method will make result of bigger eyes and definite double eyelid line. For the cases of 40s and 50s, they have so poor skin elasticity that makes skin around eyes are droopy.

It’s not about the aesthetic side anymore, it’s best eye plastic surgery in Korea also do it for functional side. Because of droopy skin, the sight will be worst. Instead of pointing double eyelid lines, it’s better to make younger looks and correct droopy skin.

But can you make bigger eyes without double eyelid surgery? Of course the answer is YES! Bigger eyes can be made through natural muscle fixing method without relying on the double eyelid.

Commonly, best eye plastic surgery in Korea proceed this kind of surgery for male patients or those who doesn’t want a big change on the impression.

After surgery, swelling remains even 2-3 months. Therefore, in this time the double eyelids may seem uneven. As the swelling remains until 6 months, it is hard to judge the eye shape. Therefore, don’t make a rush decision to do a revision surgery.

It will be better if you take some time and observe. If however, the asymmetry is obvious even after 6 months, revision surgery should be considered through accurate diagnosis

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