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Baby Face Effect with Korean Best Face Contouring

Who doesn’t want to posses baby doll face effect? Youthful, cute, and attractive looks that makes everybody can’t get their eyes of it! Korean best face contouring can show you the real baby doll face effect.

Baby doll face effect can give you bigger eyes, porcelain skin, and also include perfect jaw line. Rarely to know more volume on forehead can also give you younger looks, well defined features, youthful appearance, and sophisticated beauty.

Korean best face contouring provides forehead augmentation that allow you to get more volume of forehead. Through fat graft or implant. Therefore, Korean best face contouring not only contour your forehead but also your overall face considering facial line from forehead, cheekbone, nose to chin, in order to provide a youth appearance.

As mentioned above, there are 2 methods for forehead augmentation:

  1. Implant Insertion
    • Pre-operative operation: incise scalp (2-3cm behind hairline) and exfoliate forehead bone, skin soft tissue and periosteum in order to secure space for implant.
    • Desinfection and insertion: disinfect silicone and then insert it on forehead bone.
    • Suture: suture the incision line to make the scar invisible and cover with compressive bandage.
  2. Fat Grafting
    • After general anesthesia, gather some fat of butt, thigh, abdomen with thin tube.
    • Extract pure fat from gathered fat after removing impurities through centrifuge.
    • Fat-grafting: inset fat from 1cm behind of hairline to nasal bridge. Distribute it evenly between forehead bone and subcutaneous layer to set balanced volume on face.

Implant insertion method is recommended for those who have forehead with uneven volume, have flat forehead, and desire to have permanent volume of forehead. Also, those who are dissatisfied with current forehead shape is suitable for this method by Korean best face contouring.

For more information about Korean best face contouring, you can reach us on facebook, youtube, instagram! Well defined features, youthful appearance, sophisticated beauty all is possible at once!

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