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Best Breast Plastic Surgery in Korea Lift It Up!

According to best breast plastic surgery in Korea, sometime breast sagging is way worse than having no breast at all. Breast sagging is similar to the balloon. At first balloon is full with the air which makes it looks like fuller and round. Then when the content inside is turn to empty, balloon shape will be drooped. Same with the case of breast sagging.

Best breast plastic surgery in Korea can’t exactly say what will be the main cause of breast sagging. There are various reasons inside it. With age and pregnancy, breast tissue and skin lose elastic fibers which cause breasts to droop. Breast lifting helps saggy breasts to regain their elasticity and volume. It is also common among women who lose weight suddenly.

Also, for women who have large breasts that went through pregnancy and breast feeding can suffering breast lifting too. Breast lifting can also be done after breast reduction surgery to correct drooped breasts. Based on the levels of breast sagging, there are 3 stage:

  • Stage A mastoptosis: The nipple is above the infra mammary fold or dropped less than 1 cm from infra mammary fold.
  • Stage B mastoptosis: The nipple is above the infra mammary fold, and most of the breast tissue is still above the fold as well.
  • Stage C mastoptosis: The nipple is below over than 3 cm from the infra mammary fold and may even point downward.

From the consultation with best breast plastic surgery in Korea, they will continue to proceed choosing the best incision for breast lifting. In breast lifting, there are 3 type of incision method:

  • Vertical Incision for over sized breast and would like to retain breast feeding potential
  • Areola Incision for slightly/not-so over sized breasts, sensitive about leaving scars, and would like to retain breast feeding potential
  • Complex Incision for excessively over sized and drooped breast, appropriate for breast lacking elasticity, expect dramatic downsizing of the breast, not sensitive about scars remaining.

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