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Best Eye Plastic Surgery : Tighter and More Natural!

You want to make natural double eyelid but you have considering about the scars? Also, if you do non incision method, do you have ever considering about the suture strength? Best eye plastic surgery has special method for you who want natural double eyelid.

Complex Double Suture Method

Surgery Information

  • Duration : 30 minutes
  • Anesthesia Method : Partial Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization : N/A
  • Stitch Removal : 2-3 days after
  • Recovery Period : 3-4 days after

What is complex double suture method by best eye plastic surgery in Korea?

Complex double suture method completes natural and defined eyelid line through w-line suture

Target surgery

  • People who has thin eyelid skin with minimal skin sag
  • People who wish to avoid incision method
  • People who wish to achieve natural double eyelid
  • People who wish for minimal scarring and swelling
  • People who wish to return to daily activities immediately

Characteristic of Complex Double Suture Method by best eye plastic surgery in Korea

  • Less chance of becoming undone!

Differs of origin suture method that make double eyelid by weak strength and will have more chance of undone, complex double suture method has more strength that make less chance of becoming undone

  • Natural double eyelid line!

The suturing method and the natural adhesion of tissues
allows for natural looking eyes

  • Natural adhesion, more strength!

When open and close eyes after surgery, the suture will become undone for some cases, complex double suture surgery lead into natural adhesion that has more strength

  • Almost no scar and less swelling!

Short duration of surgery and non incision method. Small holes that made on the eyelid will make scar isn’t too visible. Possible to remove double eyelid if necessary

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