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Best Eye Plastic Surgery To Go in Korea!

Consider about one of best eye plastic surgery in Korea? Then you arrive in the right place! Located in Gangnam, the central district of thousands plastic surgery hospital in Korea where millions of beauty is created. Natural and pretty is the main principle that best eye plastic surgery in Korea has.

Best eye plastic surgery in Korea not only focus on creating double eyelid but also make great eyelid line. Double eyelid surgeries might seem the same.  However, the surgery outcome differ totally depending on how the muscle is hooked and fixed and how the stitches are tied with how many knots.

Best eye plastic surgery in Korea is using double thread brying method. Also well known as ‘W’ suture by Wonjin Plastic Surgery. It doesn’t simply “pinch” the eyelids, rather we “form” double eyelids and fix them with double knots to prevent the eyelid from releasing.

Instead of just trying the thread twice, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic combined the advantage of natural adhesion that induces the eyelid and the muscle tissues to stick naturally and double-tying method that ties the eyelids both inside and outside to prevent the eyelids from releasing.

Of course surgery outcome is completely different depending on the surgeon’s ability, even using same thread. Human’s eyelids are thin and weak, therefore detailed skill from Wonjin Eye Plastic Surgery is needed.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic won’t offer double eyelid surgery to every small eyed patients, nor we proceed Ptosis Correction just because the eyelid has become droopy. With Wonjin’s natural muscle fixing method created by our know-how, you can get dual effect of double eyelid surgery and Ptosis correction at once.

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