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Best Face Contouring in Korea: How To Get A True Eggline

As the standard of beauty, women prefers smaller and slimmer face shape. But many people go under the knife to get a perfect V-line shaped face. Instead of V-line, best face contouring has egg-line which give more natural face line.

Focusing only to make small face can lead to other problems of unnatural looking jawline due to over incision. When others were focusing on the small face, best face contouring in Korea has thought about the beauty that comes from the overall balance.

Face Contour Wonjin not only cuts the bones. It also improves the overall face line by making a smooth curve line from hairline to jaw line. Korea face contouring may reduce the size of the face. But, this does not mean that it can also reduce the soft tissues of face skin and muscles, which may cause the sagginess.

The matter of bleeding is entirely depended on the surgeon’s skill. It will hurt the surrounding soft tissues each time. This leads to severe bleeding and swelling and thus the recovery will be slow. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, we make a single smooth excision to shorten the surgery duration with less tissue damage and bleeding.


After locating the nerves accurately, Wonjin will fracture the bose safely to prevent nerve damage. Those who are afraid of surgeries that involve shaving bone is recommended to try non incisional Korea face contouring. However, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic provide variety types of lifting procedures to maximize the satisfactory.


Korea face contouring is very important as it can change one’s life. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea always try our best on Korea face contouring just like our first time performing Korea plastic surgeries.

Wonjin will become a perfect example of Korea face contouring with our rich experience and know-hows through numerous surgical performances.

For more information about Korean best face contouring, you can reach us on facebookyoutubeinstagram! Well defined features, youthful appearance, sophisticated beauty all is possible at once!

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