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Best Face Contouring in Korea: Three Jaw Surgery

Maybe all of you wondering why Korean people have such a petite face, including v-shaped line jaw. The truth is secret behind best face contouring in Korea. When we are all know Two Jaw Surgery, now there is even three jaw surgery!

Three jaw surgery is necessary when a patient has a developed lower jaw with protruding mouth. Usually three jaw surgery is one of the best face contouring in Korea method for short chin surgery.

Short chin is a condition when lower jaw bone is backward retreated or lower part of face appears to be absent due to short height of jaw. This can lead to have undefined outline from face to neck and give unnatural and dullness or gaudy impression.

Do you have short chin? Self check-up for Short Chin by best face contouring in Korea!

  • I have relatively short jaw compared to forehead or nose viewed from front.
  • I have diagonal line formed from lower lip to tip of the chin viewed from side.
  • My chin gives an unstable and unconfident impression.
  • It is hard to close my mouth and my gum is exposed a lot while smiling.

Various different surgical method is available according to the symptoms of Short chin. This is why you need a thorough consultation with best face contouring in Korea where lots of experience before deciding your surgery.

Beside from three jaw surgery, there are genioplasty and two jaw surgery by best face contouring in Korea for short chin surgery. Genioplasty is performed on patients who have normal occlusion but short/small chin only. The front side of lower chin is amputated horizontally and fixed at the new site. This surgery has an advantage of relocating tip of chin without any implant insertion.

Korea Two Jaw Surgery is quitely more popular in Korea plastic surgery. Korea Two Jaw Surgery is performed to correct position of upper jaw bone by amputating upper jaw bone and settling into the right place.

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