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Best Korean Rhinoplasty Revision

Don’t want another failure. That’s why we have to choose best Korean rhinoplasty for revision. There are so many various reason to do revision surgery. It’s not only just because it’s failed surgery. Korea rhinoplasty is one of plastic surgery that give you dramatic before after result even there is only little change on it.

Revision Korea rhinoplasty aims to revise and improve the defects created from the previous surgery. Revision Korean rhinoplasty is much more complicated and difficult than the initial one. Therefore, it requires extremely meticulous expertise from the surgeon.

korean rhinoplasty

Also, for best revision Korea rhinoplasty you shouldn’t rush to make decision. As hasty decisions can lead to more problems, revision Korean rhinoplasty must be performed by a well-experience specialist.

At least 6 months should have passed from the previous surgery. One should wait until the skin tissues have properly recovered.

Here are the mostly case can be seen on Korean rhinoplasty:

  • Improper placement of the implant
  • Movement of the implant
  • Nose tip deformation due to implant
  • Contracture
  • Excessively elevated nose bridge
  • Implant projection due to narrow nose bridge/thin skin
  • Under-projected nose tip

Are succession rates low for revision Korea rhinoplasty?

The nasal tissues are damaged immediately after the surgery and it takes 6 months for them to recover. Revision surgeries does not mean that it will trinity the skin or damage the immune system. If done well with the right materials, it can correct the defects made from the previous surgery. However, since they’re more complicated than the initial ones, surgeons have to be more careful and meticulous in dealing the revision cases.

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