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Botox on Legs? [Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea]

Do you know the secret behind pretty legs of Korean celebrities? Famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea reveals how those pretty legs is still existed despite of their habit of dancing which is can make their legs have muscles.

Calf reduction by famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea is one of body’s contouring type that creates shapely calves by blocking select nerves in the calf muscle there by decreasing muscle thickness. WONJIN Beauty Medical Group performs this surgery by using non incision method.

wonjin plastic surgery gangnam korea

Who is recommended to this surgery?

  • Desire to have slim calves
  • Have big muscular calves
  • Have asymmetric calf muscles
  • Have fat and edema on calves
  • Are reluctant to wear short pants/skirts due to current shape of calves

Famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea does not literally ‘burn’ the muscles but uses tiny micro cannula to block the nerves in the gastrocnemius with thermal energy, decreasing discomfort and bruising.

There are 3 types of leg’s muscles but the most problematic muscle is the medial because it creates a rough line along the legs. To have a slender leg line, the correct surgical method should be selected that matches your state of calves.

Those who desire to have shapely and slim calves, have big muscular calves, have asymmetric calf muscles, have fat edema on calves, and those who are reluctant to wear short pants/skirts due to current shape of calves are really recommended to this type of surgery by famous plastic surgery Gangnan Korea.

Famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea uses FDA and KFDA approved equipment which is used exclusively for calf reduction surgery. With the 1mm circumference, the high frequency needle is used to minimize tissue damage and pinpoint the precise location of the nerve and this can block nerve selectively.

For more information about WONJIN plastic surgery clinic Korea, you can reach us on facebookyoutubeinstagram! Well defined features, youthful appearance, sophisticated beauty all is possible at once!

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