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Breast plastic surgery..  Whenever we heard those word, we always think breast augmentation surgery. Well, actually it isn’t! There is also breast lifting surgery. As we all already know, as women age and after giving birth, breast tissue and skin loose elastic fibers which cause the breast to droop. Breast surgery specialized hospital can help lift saggy breasts to regain their elasticity and volume.

Breast lifting surgery is approprate for those

1. Have extreme mastoptosis

2. Want to correct drooped breast due to breast feeding

breast lifting case at breast surgery specialized hospital



3. Want to correct drooped breast due to sudden weight lost.

With extreme diet, the breasts may become smaller and drooped just like the picture below.

breast lifting case at breast surgery specialized hospital-3



Dropping breasts may happen due to child birth, aging, extreme weight loss. A customized surgery is important to correct this drooping breasts which you can get only in a Breasts Surgery Specialized Hospital.

The surgery method depends on the droopiness level and condition of the breast tissue, so you need an examination at the Breast Surgery Specialized Hospital from an experienced surgeon.


sagginess level




In medical term, sagging breast is called ‘mastoptosis’ and the breast lifting method differs depending on the level of saggines.

So what is called normal breasts? Self-Check!!!

The nipple of the normal breasts should located 4-5 cm above the lower part of the breasts.

Stage A Mastoptosis: The nipple is dropped less than 1 cm from the line underneath the breast

Solution from breast surgery specialized hospital: improvement throught breast augmentation or increase the elasticity by belody laser treatment.

Stage B Mastoptosis: The nipple is dropped about 1-3 cm from the line underneath the breast

Solution from breast surgery specialized hospital: correction through breast augmentation or breast lifting

Stage C Mastoptosis: The nipple is drooped more than 3 cm from the line underneath the breast

Solution from breast surgery specialized hospital: correction through breast augmentation + breast lifting

breast surgery specialized hospital before after photos




As Breast Surgery Specialized Hospital, Wonjin doesn’t rely on implants.

Wonjin completes your volume with mammary glad correction. Of course for patients with extremelly saggy breasts, Wonjin also uses implants to increase the effect.

breast lifting in breast surgery specialized hospital




Breasts with some volume and breast tissue can be improved without using an artificial implants and only by repositioning the mammary gland tissue. But this surgery required high technical skills and aesthetic sense as well, so make sure you choose a breast surgery specialized hospital like Wonjin to have this kind of surgery.

After removing the sagged skin and mammary gland tissue, the remaining tissue will be tied and pulled on the breast muscle.

And another treatment to increase the elasticity is by belody laser. One of the reason for the breast sagging is when the collagen and elastin are decreasing by aging and causes the loss of elasticity. In this case, the elasticity and volume can be improved by stimulating the dermal layer of the skin with powerful laser wave.


belody lasert treatment in breasy surgery specialized hospital

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