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Breast Surgery Wonjin: Pretty in Painless Way

Why we must pain to get pretty if there is another painless way? Breast surgery Wonjin can give you prettier and fuller breast with its painless and safest method. More than 50 medical examinations will be performed to scientifically analyze the patient’s condition and body type.

Breast surgery Wonjin is done safely at the aseptic operating room which blocks all external contamination factors with one on one personalized care system. There are 3 main system that has been used by breast surgery Wonjin:

  1. 3rd Generation Full 3D Endoscope : “The gel close to the body is thin, light, and does not spread to the side, which makes it natural and pretty teardrop shape even with a big volume”
    • 3rd Generation Full HD System Endoscope enables to analyze and exfoliate muscle structure accurately, which can preserve the sense of nipple and breast by reducing blood vessel and nerve damage.
    • It is possible to make a small incision leading to minimize bleeding and fast recovery.
    • 3rd Generation Full HD Endoscope can find even the smallest bleeding are, which helps to reduce the possibility of side effect.
    • Minimized pain through accurate and precise desquamation resulting in easier post-operative care.
  2. Keller Funnel 2 :“Breast Surgery Wonjin’s safe and painless implant insertion method”
    • It is aseptic disposable product without any possibility of contamination.
    • Reduces tissue damage and bleeding through soft and easy insertion.
    • Minimal pain and low possibility of side effects.
    • The implant does not rotate during the insertion.
    • It is possible to insert any areas such as armpit, areola or under the breast incision, and shortens surgical time.
  3. Capsulitis :“The only Korea breast surgery that create beautiful breasts with no side effect”
    • It is excellent for tissue stabilization. Capsulitis enhances the micro blood flow to stabilize the soft tissue.
    • Remove the possibility of inflammation at an early stage.
    • The metabolism activates which leads to natural shape and soft feeling.


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