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Bye Tumor Hello New Breast All At Once

It’s normal to have a general medical check-up before processing to breast surgery. First the plastic surgeon has to figure out the condition of the patient so they can proceed to the next step. If there’s no problem, then you can move to the next step. But of there’s any lumps or abnormalities, then instead of the breast surgery, the plastic surgeon will tend to settle the problem first before processing to the next step.

Breast Surgery

If there is a lump found, there is a way to check it without need to do the incision. A device, called Mammotome, which is a device to collect the tissue and determine whether the lump is a benign tumor or not. This procedure also can be done together with breast surgery, so at the same time you can solve the problem and get a beautiful breast.

Usually, using partial anesthesia, the needle of Mammotome is inserted and pull the lump into the device with the help of the vacuum. Of course it’s not just a sudden biopsy. At first, breast ultrasound can be used to diagnose breast cancer by distinguishing benign tumors, malignant tumors, swelling, etc, and diagnosis can be made even after having already undergone breast surgery.

Breast surgery with Mammotome originally performed using Bexcore, which is convenient for tumor removal, which is a One-stop System. What it means by One-stop System is that all the examination, and the tumor removal, also the breast surgery can be done in a day, without has to do it separately.

Breast Surgery

It also doesn’t need stitch removal, and it reduces surgery time by 50%. It takes about 30 minutes, which is suitable for modern people which are busy.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery has a system of cooperation with several university hospitals in advance. This is to help you get proper treatment within the near term if it is diagnosed as malignant tumor as a result of histological examination.

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