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1mm Distance Difference! CANTHOPLASTY Wonjin Beauty Medical Group




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What is canthoplasty?

It is a surgical procedure to help create an upward slant in the outer corner of the eyelid or correct a drooping appearance. To explain it shortly, it is a surgical procedure to lift the corner of the eye.

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Canthoplasty FAQ – Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Korea Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital


Q: Can epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty enlarge the eyes?

A: If the vertical length of eyes are originally big, the effects of canthoplasty would be be much better. However, it is important to know that noticeably big changes can not be achieved by canthoplasty only.


exampla of korea eye plastic surgery before and after


Usually dramatic effects can be seen when canthoplasty and double eyelid surgeries are performed together. The width can be altered with 2~3 mm incisions for epicanthoplasty and 4~5 mm for lateral canthoplasty for a prominently larger appearance of the eyes.




Q: Will epicanthoplasty leave scars?

A: The inner corner of the eyes are sensitive to scars and therefore careful incisions and design is very important. It usually leaves white scar as the outer skin of the Mongolian fold is incised.



To overcome this, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group incises a little bit on the conjunctiva in the eyes and sutured towards the inner skin so that scars become unnoticable from the outer appearance.




Q: Will the eyes look too merged towards the center?

A: Wonjin Beauty Medical Group doesn’t only consider the width but also the balance of exposure of red flesh in the inner corner of eyes and the distance between the glabella when performing epicanthoplasty.


wonjin canthoplasty


The slightest incision error of 1 mm can overly expose the red flesh or the eyes may look too close to each other. Therefore, epicanthoplasty is recommended only when it is absolutely required.




Q: Can slanted eyes be corrected?

A: The main purpose of canthoplasty is not only making bigger eyes but correcting the shape and angle to make desirable eyes.

slanted eyes correction


Slanted eyes often portrays sharp impressions. Lateral Hot’z surgery can be done to incise the lower part on the lateral corners to essentially pull the corners down to form an oval shape.




Q: Can the area of incision from lateral canthoplasty re-adhere to its original state?

A:  During the recovery stage, the skin of the incision site may stick together only when the exterior skin is incised.


lateral canthoplasty


Wonjin Beauty Medical Group prevents this by making incision at the inner conjunctiva of the eyes and remove mucous membrane to prevent recurrance and adhesion.


Key Factors of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Epicanthoplasty

wonjin beauty medical group epicanthoplasty


  • The scars are invisible
  • The inner segment of the conjunctiva is finely incised
  • The customization is possible whether you want dog kinda-eyes (round epicanthoplasty) or cat kinda-eyes (sharp epicanthoplasty)


round epicanthoplasty vs sharp epicanthoplasty


  • Eye width can be increased by 2~3 mm
  • Mostly no swelling due to 30 minutes of short surgery duration
  • Daily activities are possible 3~4 days after surgery.




Key Factors of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Lateral Canthoplasty

wonjin beauty medical group lateral canthoplasty



  • The surgical areas will not adhere because we remove the part of mucous membrane which causes the tissues to adhere
  • During recovery stage, the outer corner of the eyes shrinks 1~2mm. To prevent this problem, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group consider the length of the incision.
  • Scars are invisible due to the horizontal “V” shaped incision of the conjunctiva deep beneath the skin.


wonjin beauty medical group lateral epicanthoplasty


  • The exterior skin of the lateral corners of the eyes are not incised
  • Both upper and lower width are increased to pull the lateral corners down and the 2~3 mm widening of the lateral corners form better shaped and prominent eyes
  • Horizontal lenght can be widen to 4~5 mm
  • Minimal swelling due to 30 minutes of short surgery duration
  • Daily activities are possible 3~4 days after surgery



Key Factors of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Lateral Hot’z

lateral Hot'z wonjin beauty medical group


  • The outer corner of the eyes are pulled downwards to form a gentle impression
  • Lateral Hot’z detaches the tissues on the lower lateral corner to form an oval shape
  • When space is limited to perform lateral canthoplasty, Lateral Hot’z can provide better satisfactory result by creating wider and bigger eyes
  • No visible scars
  • Reduced swelling due to 30 minutes of short surgery duration
  • Daily activities are possible 3~4 days after surgery




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