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Fast Result Just As Fast As LTE, Wonjin LTE V-Line

Being pulled in seconds.. being different just right after!

No need Korean face contouring surgery, but a lifting procedure! LTE V-Line Lifting. It’s one of those many anti-aging treatments, which is using a special thread that has collaborated with Aptos thread, a thread that is excellent for lifting effects and melting thread that has collagen regeneration capacity, which leads to restore saggy skin’s elasticity quickly. It maintains the healthy skin for long time as it also increases collagen regeneration with melting thread.

This procedure is really a recommended anti-aging treatment at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, especially for those who want to have a quick V-Line effect without have to receive a surgery. And because it’s a lifting procedure, of course it also helps to improve wrinkles as well as droppy skin, with a much greater effect than a general V-Lifting.

Fast Result Just As Fast As LTE, Wonjin LTE V-Line


So.. WHY Wonjin Plastic Surgery for LTE V-Line Lifting?

  1. Lifting effect for younger face in short period!
    As stated before, with this procedure at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, you will get a real result just right after the procedure done, which is drastically shortened compared to the general lifting treatment.
  2. The bi-direction hook improves elasticity and volume at the same time!
    The special bi-direction hook thread which is used for the procedure can pull saggy skin effectively and add volume for rejuvenation effect at the same time, with a single procedure.
  3. Almost no scar, quick recovery!
    Is it possible to insert the thread without any incision? YES! The thread for LTE V-Line is inserted without making any incision so it won’t be noticeable and a natural result can be achieved. As it doesn’t have incision, you can also back to your daily activity soon.

The bi-direction hook pulls wrinkles and saggy skin making V-Line. Also on the midpoint of the bi-direction, the skin tissues gather and create natural volume of baby face. Incisions on both sides were made to balance lifting in pre-existing method, but LTE V-Line has dispersed bi-direction hooks, which enables thread to be inserted from one side. Thus, patients don’t need to concern about scars and are able to wash their face and put make up on their face immediately.

Fast Result Just As Fast As LTE, Wonjin LTE V-Line

Wonjin Plastic Surgery lifting key points:

1. Direction
Well understanding of skin base structure to pinpoint the fix point to pull skin tissues in right direction is very important for the good result.
2. Force
The adequate amount of pulling force is needed accordingly because the front cheek, jaw line, etc. have all different stretching level.
3. Combination
The best result can be expected by combining several threads together for different areas.
4. Skill
Doctor’s sophisticated and skilled technique are the most important factors for the good result.





Part 2. Magic ampoule that stops aging:




‘Moist and super shinny skin’ effect plus ‘super elastic skin’!!

WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE INJECTION is a combination therapy consists of Mulgwang injection & Wine growth factor injection.

Mulgwang injection supplies moisture to make super moist skin plus Wonjin’s special program for skin regeneration, wine growth factor injection to make a beautiful skin which doesn’t age just like vampire skin!






“The aurora of aurora”

Feel the sparkle from deep inside!









You can write it ‘Youth Injection’ and read it ‘WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE INJECTION’!!!

Do you know W.H.Y?


1) because experienced specialist doctor in handling anti aging treatment will care for you 1:1!

2) just by getting this WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE INJECTION, you can get moisturized skin, elastic skin, cure wrinkles, pores plus get whitening effect all in one treatment!

3) doctor will inject on the right place with the least injection as possible and doctor will inject the drug evenly to minimize pain and bruise

4) it’s very fast and simple, no incision and you can get back on your daily routine right after getting the injection!






More info about Wonjin beauty medical group.



If you have skin problems like these problems,

STOP worrying and STOP thinking twice!


We will overcome your problems at once!





In case you miss it!

Part 1. The King Of Baby Face Plastic Surgery:







Youtube channel: Korea Plastic Surgery
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Wonjin Plastic Surgery Must Have Vampire Skin Part 1




Do you want to stop your aging clock? Tick Tock Tick Tock…

Welcome to Wonjin plastic surgery Vampire Series to welcome Halloween Month!

Let’s Dig The Vampire Skin!

Must have

1) It should be firm

2) It should be bright

3) It should be slick

“It should shine bright by beauty!”

Part 1. The King Of Baby Face Plastic Surgery:








Look at this 40 something woman!

After getting WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE LIFTING , Korean anti aging treatment,

the magical lifting that goes against time,

she looks much much younger now.





Jaw line that became unclear because of aging, without realizing that she just looked cranky. Sagging cheek, smile line, sagging mouth corner were her complex until she met WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE LIFTING.

WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE LIFTING is a combination therapy consists of DNA Lifting & Wine Growth factor injection.


  • Duration: less than 30 minutes
  • Anesthesia: local/ cream
  • Hospitalization: no need
  • Return to daily activities: immediately



WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE LIFTING is affordable, fast with high satisfaction rate among patients.

1) Lifting technology that only can be experienced in Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Wonjin Plastic Surgery has over 20 years of clinical experiences handling various cases of lifting so we believe we are very capable of giving our patients the best lifting program 1:1

2) We ensure anyone can get the treatment at one day with sufficient growth factor treatment

Usually after taking antithrombotic, it is impossible to get a treatment done on the same day but at Wonjin, we make it possible!

3) High engraftment rate gives long-lasting effects

DNA thread that is inserted inside the dermis layer & wine growth factor injection synergic effect increase engraftment rate and increase collagen production so it gives long-lasting effect compare to common skin regeneration’s effect.

4) Short duration, treatment that doesn’t hurt

There is no incision, treatment will be done within 30 minutes. Wonjin Plastic Surgery uses local anesthesia/ cream anesthesia that helps you feel almost no pain.



♣  NO Need To Explain MORE  ♣

This is the new trend baby face plastic surgery. RESULT TALKS!





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Part 2. Magic ampoule that stops aging:


Youtube channel: Korea Plastic Surgery
BBM: 56003578

Fat Grafting, Korean Anti-Aging

Wonjin Plastic Surgery fat grafting


Fat Grafting, what is it?

It is a procedure that involves extracting unnecessary fat from abdomen, thighs, buttocks using a centrifuge to extract only fat to be grafted into the face. It can improve overall dimension of the face which amplifies anti-aging to give you a younger looking face.


Fat Grafting is recommended for those who

1) have a sunken or uneven forehead

2) have sunken eyelids

3) wish to make their flat nose higher

4) wish to amplify thin cheeks

5) need to improve smile lines

6) wish to correct an inverted triangle shaped face

7) wish to look younger



Fat Grafting surgery information

  • Duration: 30 min to 1 hour
  • Anesthesia: local (deep sleep) anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: n/a
  • Stitch removal: 1-2 weeks after surgery
  • Clinic visit: 1-2 times
  • Recovery period: return to everyday activity 1-2 weeks after surgery



However, the existing fat grafting procedures, the survival rate was only 50% within a year after surgery. That is because fat cells are exposed to the air when extracting fats from the patient’s body. Besides that, existing fat grafting injects a large amount of fat on one layer which makes the skin uneven and droopy.



existing fat grafting vs wonjin's fat grafting






In order to cover up those weakness, Wonjin Plastic Surgery offers a procedures called SmartPrep 2 Fat Grafting a.k.a stem cell fat grafting . It transplant only healthy fat and stem cells with excellent engraftment. Wonjin also injects a very small amount of fat to each layer under the skin, which helps maximize viability of the transplants and also creates a very natural 3D look.

This Korean fat grafting targets not only filling the sunken areas but also revitalizing aged cells inside of a body so that the cells are nourished, resulting in long lasting healthy and younger looking skin.



While existing fat grafting was proven not effective

before and after existing fat grafting





Wonjin Plastic Surgery SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting transplants fats with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) before transplantation by high technology which has 6 to 8 times more growth factors to increase the viability of the transplanted tissues.

before and after fat grafting





Stem cells that are being used in SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting (Stem cell fat grafting)

stem cell fat grafting







regular blood injection VS stem sell fat grafting






Process SmartPrep2 fat grafting (Stem cell fat grafting)

SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting





Getting to know more about LIPOKIT




Lipokit can perform liposuction and centrifugation at the same time with high engraftment due to minimal air contact.









Getting to know more about SCELDIS










Sceldis is designed for closed cell separation and extraction process. It is approved by FDA and also domestically proven for its safety. Sceldis simplifies the complicated process such as fat separation, cleaning, mixing, and extracting into “One Stop” automation.

High viability of fat is possible by blocking air exposure 100%. Wonjin Plastic Surgery uses innovative ways to



Getting to know more about sophisticated devices in Wonjin Plastic Surgery for fat grafting  


wonjin plastic surgery fat grafting 0120-200 mL selectable process capacitiy

When extracting  stem cell, effective surgery is possible with 20-200 mL selectable process capacity.








wonjin plastic surgery fat grafting 02Reduced air contact and infection by sealed process

Done by sealed process to keep the blood platelet which can be damaged when contacted with air.








wonjin plastic surgery fat grafting 03Assembled system for stem cell separation

Sceldis can separate and extract the stem cell with assemble system of clean bench, centrifuge, mixer and incubator.









wonjin plastic surgery fat grafting 04Stabilized cell collection of 0.6~1 million cell/mL

stable collection of average 0.6~1 million cell









Fat grafting, Korean anti-aging Areas

A. Small quantity of fat grafting

Small quantity of fat grafting is effective on volumeless and angular face to provide smooth and younger looking face.



fat grafting on foreheadForehead

Narrow forehead

Receding forehead

Protruded eyebrow bone forehead

Excessive forehead and glabella wrinkles






fat grafting on cheekCheek

Sunken cheek

Protruded cheekbone

Excessive wrinkles on cheek

Hollowness on side cheekbones






fat grafting on noseNose

Flat nose, blunt nose, hump nose, small and narrow nose, nose implant is visible








fat grafting around the noseAround the nose (smile line)

Deep smile line

Sides of nostrils are sunken

Protruded mouth







fat grafting on short chin Short chin

Short chin

Protruded mouth

Asymmetric chin

Short lengthen chin






fat grafting in upper eyelidUpper eyelid

Bulging eyes

Eyelid fold due to fat contraction

Sunken and tired looking eyes






fat grafting on lower eyelid

Lower eyelid

Dark circle

Excessive wrinkles

Wish to have love band






fat grafting on lips Lips

Thin lips

Dry and chapped lips

Wrinkled lips






B. Large quantity of fat grafting

Large quantity of fat grafting gives natural feeling and shape with fast recovery, less pain, and foreign body reaction than implants.

fat grafting on breastsBreast

Small breast

Asymmetric breast

Shrunken breasts after breastfeeding






fat grafting on hip Hip

Saggy hip

Flat hip

Asymmetric hip






Summary characteristic of stem cell enriched fat grafting of Wonjin Plastic Surgery

  • Transplants healthy cells which are 6 to 8 times more effective for revitalization, healing than other standard procedure and it helps to improve skin elasticity and skin whitening and wrinkles
  • Very high viability of fat grafting helps to last longer
  • Visual effect from 2 to 3 weeks after cell’s viralization
  • Using patient’s own fat creates little to no side effect
  • It helps to get beautiful body lines by extracting unnecessary fat from abdomen and thighs, etc
  • It helps heal acne scars and shrink pores
  • Micro fat injection to an each layer of skin helps to look 3D at every each degree
  • Reliable since it’s certified from Korea Food and Medicine Department and FDA