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[Real Story] Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review

Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


Hello! You can call me Mr. Choi!
This is my first time writing a diary~ so I don’t really know how to write it.
My best friend became a model for Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea first, model of plastic surgery for men, and it makes me wanted to be one as well.

Seeing the transformation of my friend makes me wanted to my Korean face contouring surgery faster!
He said he doesn’t know how he changes but in my point of view who sees him changing from before to after the plastic surgery for men, (sorry but) it changes a alot! Haha

The swelling is reducing faster than what we thought it would be, as well as the recovery, it recovers well.
I want to do Korean face contouring surgery asap!

It’s only few days left till then..
Hope time flies quick~~~~~


Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


If you look at the bruise, it looks that it hurts a lot right?
But it actually doesn’t.

It just there for a long time but doesn’t hurt, and it was like that as well before.
A week after the rhinoplasty, the bandage was removed and now I can walk around freely, it doesn’t affect my daily life as well, I feel good!
I also walk around often so that the swelling will reduce faster!
Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


I feel like my days are going slowly but when it’s time to write diary, I’m surprised!

It’s been 2 weeks already!
I can now eat anything bit by bit, and I don’t feel uncomfortable~
Bruise are still left but that’s it! Haha

Ah there are some swelling under cheek but I believe it will disappear soon hahaha
I don’t think about it too much I guess because it doesn’t bothering me~
Seems like I can start to work again! Haha



Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


It’s finally a month after Korean face contouring surgery!

My face is getting more and more natural that I couldn’t even remember my face before!
It’d be good if the fat cheek is reducing though haha
But since everyone is saying that it’s cute.. should I just leave it there? Hahaha
Now I can open my mouth larger and I can eat anything.
I still can’t laugh out loud like before though, well, it’s been only a month right?
I practice on my expression a lot, also take a walk around, and take care of it well~
Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


It’s been a long time and just realized that 3 months has passed already~

The swelling from Korean face contouring surgery are all gone and it’s all comfortable now!
What I like the most is that people don’t know that I had Korean face contouring surgery!

I worried that my nose will hurts if I touched it or it will be too obvious or something but, it doesn’t haha.
Seems like I don’t really have any problem with it!

Now I’m thinking of changing my hairstyle hahaha.


Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review

THE BEST Ptosis Correction Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

ptosis correction wonjin beauty medical group


Ptosis is a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid. This condition is sometimes called “lazy eye”. Although it could be an illness, there are also celebrities you didn’t realize actually have lazy eyes.

Although ptosis could create charming look in most cases, drooping eyes hamper proper eye contact and create a lazy look, which may leave negative impression during your job interview.

Fortunately, you can correct this through ptosis correction surgery. One of Korea eye plastic surgery that is popular throughout Asia. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital, is very experienced in handling this surgery.


Ptosis Correction could be divided into 2 types of method

1) Ptosis Correction with full incision

ptosis correction full incision

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Anesthesia: local (deep sleep)
  • Hospitalization: n/a
  • Stitch removal: 5~7 times
  • Clinic visit: 2 times
  • Recovery period: return to everyday activity after stitch removal



Ptosis Correction with full incision is a type of blepharoplasty that creates incision lines across the surface of the eyelids to correct the shape and size of the eyelids. This procedure is usually performed to correct thick eyelids with excessive adipose tissues, or to correct sagging droopy eyelids.


ptosis correction full incision features


ptosis correction full incision method




2) Ptosis Correction with non incision

ptosis correction non incision


  • Duration: 1 hour ~ 1.5 hour
  • Anesthesia: local (deep sleep)
  • Hospitalization: n/a
  • Stitch removal: 5~7 times
  • Clinic visit: 2 times
  • Recovery period: return to everyday activity after stitch removal





The muscles involved in opening or lifting the eyelids can become weak causing the eyelids to partially cover eyes. Ptosis Correction can correct this by incising or suturing the levator muscle used to open the eyes.


ptosis correction non incision features



Ptosis Correction method will be determined upon consultation based on patient’s requirements.


difference between ptosis correction non incision vs full incision


Ptosis Correction Surgery COST

USD $3,000 – $5,000. Quite expensive! Yeah because ptosis correction surgery is perhaps the most difficult Korea eye plastic surgery of all. From mild case to severe ptosis, in order to make it aesthetically beautiful, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group may add other lifting surgeries like forehead lift to make patient’s eyes or face look more appealing. And beware, this may increase your surgery budget but for the BEST Result!


Ptosis Correction Surgery RECOVERY

One of the major differences between ptosis correction surgery recovery and other eyelid surgery recovery is that your eyes will be very swollen after surgery. It will also take a longer time for eyes to start to look natural. 2~4 weeks after surgery, most of the swelling will go away but chances are that your eyelids will look too thick and not really natural. The swelling will start to go down little by little, though it may vary between each person. Generally, after 3~6 months after surgery, your eyes will look reasonably natural. And it will take 6 months to 12 months for your eyes to look completely natural.


So are you the right candidate for ptosis correction?

Try to have your eyes wide open and look up with your head position unchanged and without using your eyebrows. If you are using your eyebrows to lift up your eyes and this creates too many wrinkles in your forehead, you are a candidate for ptosis correction surgery. The wrinkle formed because you don’t have enough muscle power in your upper eyelid to lift up.





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1mm Distance Difference! CANTHOPLASTY Wonjin Beauty Medical Group




Get to know more and more about canthoplasty surgery

with Wonjin Beauty Medical Group



What is canthoplasty?

It is a surgical procedure to help create an upward slant in the outer corner of the eyelid or correct a drooping appearance. To explain it shortly, it is a surgical procedure to lift the corner of the eye.

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Canthoplasty FAQ – Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Korea Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital


Q: Can epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty enlarge the eyes?

A: If the vertical length of eyes are originally big, the effects of canthoplasty would be be much better. However, it is important to know that noticeably big changes can not be achieved by canthoplasty only.


exampla of korea eye plastic surgery before and after


Usually dramatic effects can be seen when canthoplasty and double eyelid surgeries are performed together. The width can be altered with 2~3 mm incisions for epicanthoplasty and 4~5 mm for lateral canthoplasty for a prominently larger appearance of the eyes.




Q: Will epicanthoplasty leave scars?

A: The inner corner of the eyes are sensitive to scars and therefore careful incisions and design is very important. It usually leaves white scar as the outer skin of the Mongolian fold is incised.



To overcome this, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group incises a little bit on the conjunctiva in the eyes and sutured towards the inner skin so that scars become unnoticable from the outer appearance.




Q: Will the eyes look too merged towards the center?

A: Wonjin Beauty Medical Group doesn’t only consider the width but also the balance of exposure of red flesh in the inner corner of eyes and the distance between the glabella when performing epicanthoplasty.


wonjin canthoplasty


The slightest incision error of 1 mm can overly expose the red flesh or the eyes may look too close to each other. Therefore, epicanthoplasty is recommended only when it is absolutely required.




Q: Can slanted eyes be corrected?

A: The main purpose of canthoplasty is not only making bigger eyes but correcting the shape and angle to make desirable eyes.

slanted eyes correction


Slanted eyes often portrays sharp impressions. Lateral Hot’z surgery can be done to incise the lower part on the lateral corners to essentially pull the corners down to form an oval shape.




Q: Can the area of incision from lateral canthoplasty re-adhere to its original state?

A:  During the recovery stage, the skin of the incision site may stick together only when the exterior skin is incised.


lateral canthoplasty


Wonjin Beauty Medical Group prevents this by making incision at the inner conjunctiva of the eyes and remove mucous membrane to prevent recurrance and adhesion.


Key Factors of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Epicanthoplasty

wonjin beauty medical group epicanthoplasty


  • The scars are invisible
  • The inner segment of the conjunctiva is finely incised
  • The customization is possible whether you want dog kinda-eyes (round epicanthoplasty) or cat kinda-eyes (sharp epicanthoplasty)


round epicanthoplasty vs sharp epicanthoplasty


  • Eye width can be increased by 2~3 mm
  • Mostly no swelling due to 30 minutes of short surgery duration
  • Daily activities are possible 3~4 days after surgery.




Key Factors of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Lateral Canthoplasty

wonjin beauty medical group lateral canthoplasty



  • The surgical areas will not adhere because we remove the part of mucous membrane which causes the tissues to adhere
  • During recovery stage, the outer corner of the eyes shrinks 1~2mm. To prevent this problem, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group consider the length of the incision.
  • Scars are invisible due to the horizontal “V” shaped incision of the conjunctiva deep beneath the skin.


wonjin beauty medical group lateral epicanthoplasty


  • The exterior skin of the lateral corners of the eyes are not incised
  • Both upper and lower width are increased to pull the lateral corners down and the 2~3 mm widening of the lateral corners form better shaped and prominent eyes
  • Horizontal lenght can be widen to 4~5 mm
  • Minimal swelling due to 30 minutes of short surgery duration
  • Daily activities are possible 3~4 days after surgery



Key Factors of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Lateral Hot’z

lateral Hot'z wonjin beauty medical group


  • The outer corner of the eyes are pulled downwards to form a gentle impression
  • Lateral Hot’z detaches the tissues on the lower lateral corner to form an oval shape
  • When space is limited to perform lateral canthoplasty, Lateral Hot’z can provide better satisfactory result by creating wider and bigger eyes
  • No visible scars
  • Reduced swelling due to 30 minutes of short surgery duration
  • Daily activities are possible 3~4 days after surgery




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Korea Eye Plastic Surgery

Korea eye plastic surgery



Do you have small eyes that make you get frustrated all the time?

Are you tired of putting eyeliner and eye make-up to make your eyes as big as doll’s eyes?

Maybe this is the time you should consider Korea Eye Plastic Surgery!

You might wonder which types of Korea Eye Plastic Surgery that you actually need.

Here are some FAQ and some concerns to help you understand better.


golden ratio for perfect eyes




Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea won’t offer double eyelid surgery to every small eyed patients, nor we proceed ptosis correction just because the patient’s eyelid has become droppy. Wonjin natural fixation method can give the effect of double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction at once!


double eyelid surgery only vs natural mucle fixing method




2) Korea eye plastic surgery with incision is too burdensome! 

Thanks to the non-stop effort from Wonjin Plastic Surgery, we are now able to make double eyelid without incision no matter whether your eyelid is thick or thin. This is because the natural fascia fixing method (natural adhesion) at Wonjin widens the eye length by controlling the eyelid muscles and removes unnecessary fats without incision.

As a result, the pupils become more exposed, and we can customize the height of the eyelid according to your preference.

Wonjin advanced korea eye plastic surgery non incisional method



3) Won’t the thread be seen unevenly?

The outcome of the surgery depends solely on the skills of the surgeon despite using the same type of threads. The eyelids are actually frail and thus requite nimble skills. The eyelids are sutured through small holes (for non incision method) or less than 2 mm incision (for partial incision method) or less than 5 mm incision (for incision method). The knots are tied deep inside the eyelids and forms sleek lines above the eyelashes. Scars and sutures are barely visible after the surgery.



4) What’s the difference between ptosis correction without incision and with incision?

With Incision Without Incision
Target OK for every case only for thin eyelid
Fat removal OK almost impossible
Fixing scale wide small
Swelling + little
Scar little almost unseen


ptosis incision non-incision method

Ptosis incision non-incision method



ptosis incision full incision method

Ptosis incision full incision method



5) Will patient’s sight get worse?

It won’t happen. Some people might feel their sight get worse after korea eye plastic surgery but it’s actually caused by swelling after the surgery. When the swelling subsides, patient’s sight will get back to normal.


6) Can patient use lens after korea eye plastic surgery?

Patient can use lens 2-3 days after thread removal or depends on each patient’s condition. If patient doesn’t feel comfortable then he or she is better to wait 2-3 more days.


7) When can patient do lasix?

Depends on the type of korea eye plastic surgery, generally patient will need 2-4 weeks after the surgery.


8) Can patient use faked eyelashes?

Super glue can irritate eyes and thus slow down the recovery process. That’s why it is better to use faked eyelashes at least 3-4 weeks after korea eye plastic surgery.


9) When can patient use make-up?

Generally patient can use make-up at least 2-3 days after thread removal but it’s better to use it 7 days after Korea eye plastic surgery or when eyelids don’t hurt anymore when they are touched.


10) When can patient return to normal daily activities?

Unless there are other uncomfortablesness, usually patient can return to normal daily activities the day after korea eye plastic surgery.


11) What is the precautions after doing Korea eye plastic surgery? 

Avoid bowing head, carrying heavy objects, lying sideways. Make sure you keep your head upright.


13) What is the best sleeping position after doing Korea eye plastic surgery?

Patient can sleep while sitting. Or if it is uncomfortable, patient can sleep with 2-3 pillows to help swelling goes down faster.


14) Can patient go to sauna or gym to take exercise after Korea eye plastic surgery?

Patient can do light exercise only. Patient must avoid going to sauna or gym for at least 1 month for a better and faster recovery process.


15) When can patient start to wash his or her face?

Patient can wash his or her face one day after thread removal. Before thread is being removed, patient is better to use wet towel to clean face but never rub the surgical area. And also avoid water on the surgical area.










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