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[Real Story] Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review

Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


Hello! You can call me Mr. Choi!
This is my first time writing a diary~ so I don’t really know how to write it.
My best friend became a model for Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea first, model of plastic surgery for men, and it makes me wanted to be one as well.

Seeing the transformation of my friend makes me wanted to my Korean face contouring surgery faster!
He said he doesn’t know how he changes but in my point of view who sees him changing from before to after the plastic surgery for men, (sorry but) it changes a alot! Haha

The swelling is reducing faster than what we thought it would be, as well as the recovery, it recovers well.
I want to do Korean face contouring surgery asap!

It’s only few days left till then..
Hope time flies quick~~~~~


Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


If you look at the bruise, it looks that it hurts a lot right?
But it actually doesn’t.

It just there for a long time but doesn’t hurt, and it was like that as well before.
A week after the rhinoplasty, the bandage was removed and now I can walk around freely, it doesn’t affect my daily life as well, I feel good!
I also walk around often so that the swelling will reduce faster!
Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


I feel like my days are going slowly but when it’s time to write diary, I’m surprised!

It’s been 2 weeks already!
I can now eat anything bit by bit, and I don’t feel uncomfortable~
Bruise are still left but that’s it! Haha

Ah there are some swelling under cheek but I believe it will disappear soon hahaha
I don’t think about it too much I guess because it doesn’t bothering me~
Seems like I can start to work again! Haha



Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


It’s finally a month after Korean face contouring surgery!

My face is getting more and more natural that I couldn’t even remember my face before!
It’d be good if the fat cheek is reducing though haha
But since everyone is saying that it’s cute.. should I just leave it there? Hahaha
Now I can open my mouth larger and I can eat anything.
I still can’t laugh out loud like before though, well, it’s been only a month right?
I practice on my expression a lot, also take a walk around, and take care of it well~
Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


It’s been a long time and just realized that 3 months has passed already~

The swelling from Korean face contouring surgery are all gone and it’s all comfortable now!
What I like the most is that people don’t know that I had Korean face contouring surgery!

I worried that my nose will hurts if I touched it or it will be too obvious or something but, it doesn’t haha.
Seems like I don’t really have any problem with it!

Now I’m thinking of changing my hairstyle hahaha.


Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review

Korean Rhinoplasty To Say Goodbye To Pig Nose

An upturned nose, which is commonly known as ‘pig nose’ is a nose condition where the nostrils are clearly visible from the front view. This kind of case can be fixed through Korean rhinoplasty but actually the surgery is one of the hardest surgery due to the insufficient mass of tissue to operate on.


Korean rhinoplasty to correct upturned nose, is using a method to extend the short nasal cartilage and nasal tissue will be engrafted to raise the bridge of the nose


Korean Rhinoplasty To Say Goodbye To Pig Nose


Wonjin Plastic Surgery defines short nose as a nose with an angle exceeds 110° from the tip of the nose and lips. This angle causes the nostrils to be overexposed. You’d better find a well-experienced surgeon of Korean rhinoplasty and nose job to fix your upturned pig-like nose. Otherwise instead of getting fixed, you can have even shorter nose and need another revision surgery in the future!


With Korean rhinoplasty, Wonjin Plastic Surgery lengthen your nose while reducing the tissue damage. If cartilage surgery itself is not enough to extent your nose, then Wonjin will add an additional septum cartilage transplant between the septum cartilage and the wing cartilage to increase the length of the nose tip. And if patient still want to raise the bridge and tip, then implant will be used for the bridge.


Wonjin Plastic Surgery does not only raise the nose tip but also adds a support fixture to strengthen the nose tip which can prevent nose tip deformation and to control the angle details to make the side view beautiful.


So you don’t have to worry that it will be obvious just as if you put chalk in your nose, because no, it won’t.


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Korean Rhinoplasty To Say Goodbye To Pig Nose

Korean Rhinoplasty To Say Goodbye To Pig Nose


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Newest Korean Rhinoplasty, Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery

Is it possible to get a pointed nose but natural at the same time with Korean rhinoplasty..?
Yes it is.

With Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic!


What is Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery?
Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery is a nose surgery using mesh instead of septum cartilage like the existed nose surgery so far. It’s a newest trend of Korean rhinoplasty (nose surgery) which will get you the most natural nose, from the bridge to the tip, just like your own nose from the very start.


Wonjin Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery


How do they do the nose bridge and the nose tip for Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery? To give a volume and make a preferred nose shape, Wonjin Plastic Surgery uses a customized ultra soft silicone which is adjusted with the current nose shape. Meanwhile for the nose tip, as said before, if the current nose surgery uses septum cartilage a lot as the material, for Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery, it uses  new material, a mesh.


This is also considered as the complements of the advantages of septum cartilage which is strong but it has a bit hard feeling if inserted to the nose. This mesh will meet the soft and elastic ear cartilage, together will create an elastic and natural nose with soft movement of nose muscle so it’s safe and won’t change even if it’s being twisted or pinched.


Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery


Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is using the soft and elastic ear cartilage to fill the empty space of implant and pulled by the mesh, creating a beautiful and pretty line from the bridge to the tip. Even with the minimal incision, a succeed Korean rhinoplasty can be done. The desquamation range is small so the surgery time can be shorten as well. Plus! The recovery period is also short so many people are looking for this nose surgery method at Wonjin Plastic Surgery recently.


And yes, Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery allows you to get a pointed and slim nose with natural nose line, just like when it’s done using the septum cartilage!


Look at the video below, video of the real result after Mochi Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery:


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More information about the procedure can be asked through our facebook page and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more information and video about Korea plastic surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery. And please feel free to PM us on facebook to make a reservation as well!

Korea Rhinoplasty TIPS & Facts You Want To Know

korea rhinoplasty tips & facts you want to know



2017! New Year! Another chance to make it all better than last year!

Are you planning to have Korea Rhinoplasty in no time? Korea Rhinoplasty isn’t like getting a hair cut, you need to make sure you know the facts before you commit. Here are the things you never knew about nose job. Things you want to know better before deciding to correct your nose shape for the first time and hope it lasts forever!


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1) Korea Rhinoplasty is not pain-free obviously

The truth is you will experience some pain, swelling and bruising around your nose and eyes immediately after the procedure but these side effect should settle down within 2-3 weeks.


no pain no gain




2) You will be asked a lot of quesions but this is GOOD news

A reputable and trustable surgeon will ask your motivations behind your decision to have Korea Rhinoplasty and the result you might want to achieve. They will also ask about your general health and medical history in detail. All of these might bother you for some level but remember thorough is a GOOD sign.


doctor asking medical history to patient




3) You should ask the questions too

It’s not one way street. You also need to know about the surgeon’s background who is going to perform Korea Rhinoplasty on you. You should always ask about their professional experience and check with the registered bodies that they are indeed a qualified cosmetic surgeon and have no outstanding complaints against them.

Ask a surgeon for examples of their previous work and see before and after Korea Rhinoplasty photos of the previous patients. You may be able to talk to these patients as well.

Always ask the surgeon to fully explain the risks and possible complications of the surgery for you.


medical professional background




4) There’s more than one type of Korea Rhinoplasty

There are 2 main types of Korea Rhinoplasty: reduction and augmentation, although there are a whole range of types and techniques.

In a reduction Korea Rhinoplasty, cartilage and bone are removed or rearranged through cuts inside your nostrils to make the nose smaller.

An augmentation Korea Rhinoplasty may involve enhancing certain features with bone or cartilage grafts, though this is actually quite a rare procedure.

It may possible for the doctor to operate entirely through the nostrils, which is called ‘closed korea rhinoplasty. Alternatively, they need to make a small cut known as ‘open korea rhinoplasty’. He or she will advise you on this during your consultation.

Korea Rhinoplasty usually takes two to three hours.





5) Only proceed if you’re 100% happy with the information you’ve received

There is no surgery can ever guarantee a perfect outcome so you should be wary of anyone that suggest this. Your surgeon should spend time with you discussing in detail what you want to change about your nose, if that can be achieved and what options are available. Never proceed with surgery until you are happy with the information the surgeon has provided you with and you feel aware of all the risks and possibilities.


6) You’ll need to kick the smoking habit out

Not only for Korea rhinoplasty, for any kind of surgery, it is always best if you stop smoking, as this can affect your healing process.

no smoking after plastic surgery



7) Bruising and swelling is a given

There will be bruising and swelling, particularly around your eyes, which can take about three weeks to settle. Most closed rhinoplasty will take around two weeks to settle. Open surgery will usually take four to six weeks to heal.

3 days after korea rhinoplasty

3 days after korea rhinoplasty




8) It is normal to bleed

Directly after Korea rhinoplasty, you will most likely to have dressings inside your nostrils to absorb any bleeding for a few days. You may also find that your nose bleeds for a few days after you get home and you might have some pain, but painkillers will help with this.


9) Your nose will feel stiff

There will be bruising and swelling,  particularly around your eyes, which can take about three weeks to settle and your nose will feel numb and stiff. The numbness usually subsides within a couple of months.


10) You’ll need at least 2 weeks out

You should be able to do normal physical tasks after a couple of days but Wonjin Plastic Surgery recommends avoiding strenuous exercise or anything that may knock your nose for 4 to 6 weeks.


11) It can take several months before you see the final and true result

Time is medicine. The final result of your Korea Rhinoplasty will take some time. Most of the swelling should have gone by three months. Remember swelling and bruising differ from person to person.


2 weeks after korea rhinoplasty

2 weeks after korea rhinoplasty



1 month after korea rhinoplasty

1 month after korea rhinoplasty



12) Certain medication cannot be taken

Your surgeon will discuss medications in details with you before any surgery and take a full medical history. In particular, anti-coagulants (blood thinner) will in most cases need to be stopped or reduced for the surgery.




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Speed Scar Shape, 3S Premium Korea Rhinoplasty




What is it 3S Premium Korea Rhinoplasty?

It’s Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea Rhinoplasty method which is excellent in 3 aspect, Speed| Scar| Shape. It completes a Korean celebrities-like nose, with minimal scar that is hard to identify with naked eye, with fast recovery. Best Korea Rhinoplasty!

With Wonjin Plastic Surgery‘s state to the art technology, Wonjin will use customized implant according to each of patient’s nose shape.

This 3S Premium Korea Rhinoplasty is specially done by Director of Wonjin Plastic Surgery No 1 Plastic Surgery in Korea, dr. Park Wonjin!



3S Premium Korea Rhinoplasty is recommended for those who:

1) wants the surgery done directly by dr. Park Wonjin

2) wants to do Korea Rhinoplasty with high premium level of safety

3) wants to do Korea Rhinoplasty with faster recovery and no scar remains

4) wants to have ideal nose bridge like a Korean celebrities’ nose

5) urgently needs to fix short nose, humped nose, pig nose, etc with 1:1 customized Korea Rhinoplasty



3S Premium Korea Rhinoplasty Surgery Info

  • Duration: 1 hour – 1.5 hours
  • Anesthesia: deep sleep anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: n/a
  • Stitch removal: after 5-7 days
  • Recovery period: return to daily activities after thread removal







3S Premium Korea Rhinoplasty Special Characteristic







1) What makes speedy recovery possible for 3S Korea Rhinoplasty???



Post operative swelling &  fast recovery comes from experience! Nothing talks more!! Surgery duration and accuracy of the surgery also depend on surgeon’s fluent hand~

dr. Park Wonjin has more than 20 years of experiences handling many Korea rhinoplasty cases. Those experiences enable dr. Park Wonjin to make surgery duration shorter, minimize incision site, etc and performs safe Korea Rhinoplasty.



2) What makes 3S Premium Korea Rhinoplasty famous??

Closed method surgery, minimum scar!






3) 3D Effect! Ideal nose shape with ideal angle~

Wonjin Plastic Surgery recommends the very best ideal nose shape for each patient from the middle of the forehead to the nose tip to increase the aesthetic side of nose and to increase patient satisfaction.






Wonjin 3S Premium Korea Rhinoplasty KEY POINT Technology 







Strength Point 3S Premium Korea Rhinoplasty 

1) Safety – know-hows for more than 20 years

2) No worry about scar!

3) Speedy recovery – minimal scar

4) 1:1 customized per patient

5) Sophisticated nose line – clear from front and side

6) Masterpiece nose – natural just like your own



Before and after 3s Premium Korea Rhinoplasty












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