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Postoperative Treatment REAL DETAIL for TWO JAW SURGERY




Are you planning to have two jaw surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery?

The whole process from before two jaw surgery, during two jaw surgery and not the least postoperative treatment determine the success rate of your two jaw surgery!

Below is the treatment schedule for two jaw surgery.

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1 day after the surgery

  • hospitalization
  • wearing hemo vac. (blood pocket)
  • due to swelling, scars, and blood pocket, consuming food is inconvenient. Patient is recommended to eat thin rice gruel and/ or drink juice
  • continuous ice pack massage is required





2 days after the surgery

  • hospitalization
  • hemo vac. (blood pocket) removal: examine of surgical scars and teeth condition by oral surgeon
  • recommended to take light nutrition such as thin rice gruel, souo, and/or drink juice
  • continuous ice pack massaging is required





3 days after the surgery

  • no orthodontic appliance required. Required to wear wafer
  • due to no fixation between jaws, liquid diet is possible
  • recommended to start wearing compressive band
  • after being discharged, until stitch removal, frequent gargling of the mouth is required (ONLY gargling is allowed). When provided mouth-wash is all used up, get general mouth wash such as LISTERINE from pharmacy.


4 days after the surgery

  • swelling of the surgical area is maximized and requires continuous massaging with ice pack
  • due to imbalanced nutrition, there may be physical exhaustion


5~7 days after the surgery

  • alter to hot pack massage
  • may stop wearing compressive band (recommended to use it at home or while asleep for another week or two, even up to third week)
  • able to eat soup, yogurt or drink smoothies. To avoid physical exhaustion, taking vitamins
  • recommended to take light exercise and taking a walk to reduce swelling
  • getting a massage/ facial massage is prohibited for a month
  • possible to wash face gently but still have to be careful not to apply pressure while washing
  • possible to wash hair or taking a shower
  • DO NOT put head downwards while washing hair. If possible, ask for help while washing






2 weeks after the surgery

  • may take soft food or food that is chopped into small pieces
  • swelling will subside gradually, major swelling may disappear within a month
  • possible to brush teeth using kids toothbrush gently but try to avoid surgical area


4 weeks after the surgery

  • removal of lower jaw screw
  • removal of fixated rubber-band
  • possible to chew mild food


5 weeks after the surgery

  • allowed to go swimming or going to sauna but special caution is required


6 weeks after the surgery

  • upper jaw screw removal and wafer removal.
  • start braces treatment
  • allowed to drink carbonated drinks (soda), coffee, alcohol, and smoking


2 months after the surgery

  • able to eat apple, pear, and soft foods such as chicken breast
  • after 2~3 months, minor/mild swelling of facial muscles may disappear
  • may begin to see appearance of facial contour


3 months after the surgery

  • able to chew/ eat hard food such as meat and peanuts




Regulating body balance to the best condition aids in effective wound healing, inflammation reduction, increasing immunity, and swelling reduction.





Wonjin Plastic Surgery’s Differentiated Swelling Care System







Before and after two jaw surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery



















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Korea Two Jaw Surgery – SAFER & More NATURAL



If Korea face contouring surgery on forehead, cheekbone and square jaw is considered as two-dimensional plastic surgery procedure, Korea Two Jaw Surgery is considered three-dimensional procedure. This is because of the 3D change after Korea Two Jaw Surgery which allows not only the overall face line but also jaw’s location and angle can be corrected very precisely.


3D Effect of Korea Two Jaw Surgery

  • Angle adjustment of aesthetic line
  • Length adjustment of upper and lower jaw
  • Position adjustment of front and back location
  • Face dimension adjustment
  • Occlusal adjustment

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Korea Two Jaw Surgery – Completion of baby face, Golden Ratio



The key point of beautiful face is the balance!

1) It is important to find the face balance for individuals during face contouring surgery

2) Golden ratio makes attractive face

3) Consider the overall balance, not only specific part of the face


Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea Two Jaw Surgery Method – ‘Virtual Operation’


The advanced technology of 3D simulation programs make it possible for Wonjin to accurately predict the post-operative result. ‘Virtual Operation’ reduces inconvenient procedures of pre-operative orthodontic treatment which also drastically reduces the recovery time and cost but this procedures must be backed up by an accurate diagnosis, rich experience and know-how.


The advantages of ‘Virtual Operation’

1) Improvement of appearance with jaw correction before the actual surgery

2) By improving the bone structure problem first, it drastically reduces the orthodontic treatment period

3) The prediction of the surgery is very accurate






Decreased Error Range and Increased Safety through Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea Two Jaw Surgery ‘ Virtual Operation’


1) Paper Surgery

With the precise measurement data by 3D CT, Wonjin is able to design an acccurate treatment plan on the paper







2) 3D Surgery

Establish a highly accurate surgery plan through analyzing the face transformation on various angles with our SOPP (Simulation Operation Prediction Program)







3) Model Surgery

With gathered information through 3D CT and X-ray, Wonjin proceeds a mock surgery with custom-made occluder.








Getting to know more about fixation method of Korea Two Jaw Surgery



Fixation method in the past – COMPLETE FIXATION

Due to lack of advanced equipment in the past, wire or band were used for intermaxillary fixation after the surgery. This method involves in fixation of both upper and lower jaw which lead to breathing or eating problem.







Latest Fixation method – NON-FIXATION

Non-fixation method requires high surgical skills to carry out an accurate surgery plan since it does not involve intermaxillary fixation. This method has the advantage of faster recovery and easier food ingestion. 





self-fixation-method-korea-two-jaw-surgerySELF FIXATION KOREA TWO JAW SURGERY

Has both advantage of convenience from non-fixation method and the safety from complete fixation method. This method allows free movement of the jaw since it only fixates two parts with bands.














Self fixation overcomes the limitation of complete fixation and non-fixation methods.

Only uses the advantages of both complete and non-fixation method to maximize the satisfaction.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery doesn’t recommend only one fixation method. We provide the best suitable fixation method after thorough consultation and precise diagnosis for the best result and fast recovery.






Before and after Korea Two Jaw Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery










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Plastic Surgery Korea For Protruding Mouth




Do anyone think you’re angry when actually you aren’t?

Maybe you wonder why you look grumpy all the time. These are some of the questions that people with protruding mouth often receive.


The main topic that we’ll discuss now is whether a protruding mouth always require Korea two jaw surgery or not.

1) Only protruding teeth – correct it using orthodontic treatment 





This can be solved using orthodontic treatment without surgery at all because this patient had less than 4 mm protruding mouth. Thus slightly protruding gum was recessed only by orthodontic treatment. Above all, there is no need to have a surgery and patient can return to daily activity right away.




2) Protruding bone + protruding gum – correct it using plastic surgery korea protruding mouth surgery.





Plastic surgery korea for protruding mouth is performed when both gum and bone are protruded as this patient. Protruding mouth should be more than 4 mm to be operable.


How to perform plastic surgery korea for protruding mouth?

Extract 4 teeth behind molars and then cut the gum of empty space after the extraction. Move teeth backwards. It is very effective WITHOUT Korea Two Jaw Surgery & Orthodontic Treatment will be shortly for about 6 months.



3) Severe protruding mouth, protruding bone + protruding gum – correct it using plastic surgery korea two jaw surgery





Korea two jaw surgery is very effective for a person like this patient who has protruding chin, asymmetric face , dll. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea, we cut upper and lower jaw and then repositioned them backwards. The result: smaller face and more sophisticated. And last, after the surgery, the patient will get orthodontic treatment to finish up the surgery for about 6-10 months.


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Are post-surgical teeth corrections mandatory?

The answer is: NOT NECESSARILY.

The good news is, you can get laminate correction instead of the uncomfortable regular braces at Wonjin Plastic Surgery.






So what is laminate treatment? 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery’s doctors have started to laminate treatment which does not require orthodontic treatment. Laminate treatment is to correct a set of teeth by putting ceramic teeth similar to natural teeth into an empty space cause by wisdom teeth extraction due to protruding mouth surgery.


DOUBLE EFFECT : Improving tooth arrangement & whitening effect = BRIGHT SMILE





But remember, laminate treatment is only suitable for the patients who do not have severe malocclusion and protruding mouth. It is also proper for whom had less then 6 mm gum repositioning. Laminate treatment can improve tooth arrangement and give whitening effect allowing patients to have a big and bright smile.







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[Real Story & Tips] Two Jaw Surgery In Korea

two jaw surgery in korea



I’m a college student. I’m 22 years old. Welcome to my two jaw surgery REAL STORY.

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery 01

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery




As you can see from my picture, I had severe jutting chin. As I grew up, my jaw and chin also grew together and I’d been hearing bad jokes that made me lost my confidence.

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery 02

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery




My boyfriend told me while covering my mouth “You are actually really pretty. Work hard to get money and go to have Korean two jaw surgery”. My senseless friend also told me “Now that you lost your weight, I can’t even see your face if you tied your hair”. Even my cousin also asked me “Why does your jaw protrude sister?”. Though I managed to stay strong and keep smiling actually all of these hurt my feeling so bad.


7 days before Korean two jaw surgery 04

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery




Then one day I decided to do Korean two jaw surgery. My mom also gave me permission. I heard that jutting chin will be corrected by two jaw surgery and you need it only once! Of course after the surgery, I will still need orthodontic/ dental therapy and some post surgeries treatment but I can’t wait to have it done soon! I was so excited!!

[Day of the Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

It went faster than I had thought it would be. I felt nothing and I couldn’t think a single thing. Everyone told me that they were surprised there were less bleeding and less swelling compare to another person. FYI, the nurse told me not to sleep over 11 hours because there will be dyspnoea. So my mom and my brother kept waking me up. When I suddenly felt asleep, I woke up because I couldn’t breathe and it was hurt. The nurse helped me to remove blood sputum in my neck using some tool but it hurted me so much so I chose to spit it out of my mouth ( TIPS: the more you spit mucus and blood sputum out of your mouth, the faster you will recover).

I also blew my nose. But then I found out that there are lots of small blood vessels inside our nose that can easily break and it’s kind a dangerous. (TIPS: Never ever blow your nose after doing plastic surgery!)

[D+2 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

My face bandage and tape was removed but it was so much hurt that I cried. Nurses told me to hold on my tears because if I cried, my face would be swollen. Then came the doctor to sterilize the scar, removed the blood container and put on the frame to fix my jaw.

[D+3 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

At first I put ice pack inside the bandage but the nurse told me not to do so because it may give bad effect to my recovery. Instead she told me to place it directly on my face using my hand. I can’t eat anything even liquid food before any gas come out from my body.

It has been 3 days and still no gas so the nurse told me to start drinking water and walking around. FYI: I didn’t drink the water directly, I drank through small hose on the syringe that is directed to between my back teeth.

I kept spitting blood sputum out of my mouth. So I always bring tissues. Finally the gas came out and I can start to eat liquid food (of course through a small hose). After eating, I gargled my mouth using brown gargle to sterilize my mouth.

[D+4 Korean Two Jaw Surgery] Going Home

The doctor gave me pain killer prescription and told me not to worry much. As soon as I arrived home, I washed my face for the first time since the surgery day. Actually I supposed to take exercise regularly so that the swelling could go faster but I was so lazy and my stamina was so weak that I chose to lay on the bed (with 2-3 pillows under my head).

I drank 1 glass of soy milk, red ginseng, pumpkin extract, water consecutively. Then 30 minutes after that I ate drugs and gargled my mouth. It took me at least 1 hour just to eat.

[D+6 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

Swelling went down slightly day by day. Finally I could take a real bath.

I took off the tape on my face.

[D+7 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

Yeah, I finally washed my hair too!! I knew it’s dirty but I can do nothing. Actually we need somone’s help maybe you can go to beauty salon. As for me, I asked my mom’s help to wash my hair.

[D+11 Korean Two Jaw Surgery] First clinic visit

 When the doctor removed the wafer, I thought it’s gonna be forever, but I was wrong. The good news, he just put back two rubber band and helped me to practice to put it on and off by myself.

Then he told me to say “aaa” (open mouth widely) while the rubber band is on my mouth and say “ooo” while putting lips together and also told me to smile and try to balace the corner of my mouth.

[D+ 14 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

I took many picture before I did surgery. Now that I see my old pictures, I felt like I was really look like a witch. It’s been 2 weeks since my surgery and now I could do my daily activities without any trouble. I felt like I did the right thing. My face is smaller, my eyes look bigger, my jaw look shorter and  my nose look sharper.

[D+ 18 Korean Two Jaw Surgery] Second clinic visit

It’s the day when the thread was removed out of philtrum and my mouth. There was only a little blood came out (I thought it’s gonna be much!>.<) . Nurse taught me to open my mouth widely for 10 sec, to push my jaw forward while opening my mouth widely for 10 sec, to move my jaw to the left while opening my mouth widely for 10 sec, to move my jaw to the right while opening my mouth widely for 10 sec. She also told me to put some hot pack 1-3 times a day and to do some light exercise every morning and night for faster recovery. After the thread had been removed, I can move my mouth more naturally. I also went to get swelling care. FYI: Wonjin has a very good tools and system. I felt like a queen. It’s been a long time since I got someone massaging and taking care of my skin.

[D+ 21 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

I could eat soymilk, milk, juice for snack often then I gargled my mouth. I could eat porridges few plates everyday (my appetite had become normal again). People said that we’ll loose weight after having Korean Two Jaw Surgery,  but not in my case ^^;

I always did mouth exercises after puting some hot pack on my face. I felt like the muscles became less tense, thanks to the hot pack. I also did mouth exercise after brushing my teeth (after I put off the rubber band). I gargled my mouth often so the skin enar my mouth became more sensitive so Vaseline is a MUST HAVE ITEM.

[D+ 22 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

22 days after having Korean two surgery

22 days after having Korean two surgery




[D+ 23 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

23 days after having Korean two jaw surgery

23 days after having Korean two jaw surgery




[D+ 26 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

26 days after having Korean two jaw surgery

26 days after having Korean two jaw surgery




It’s the first time I ate real food after having Korean two jaw surgery. It’s soft soybean curd soup!! You know, I still couldn’t chew, so I used spoon to mash the soybean curd.

[D+ 27 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

food that I ate on day 27th

I ate castela with milk and also mung bean rice porridge that my mom made for me.

I also still ate soymilk and juice at this time.

[D+ 28 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

28 days after having Korean two jaw surgery

28 days after having Korean two jaw surgery




28 days after having the surgery, this day was my first time to went out with my friends and I put a bit make-up on my face.




after having Korean Two Jaw Surgery



after having Korean Two Jaw Surgery 02

8 weeks after having Korean two surgery




Today actually was the day when the wafer in my mouth supposed to be removed and changed with brace but doctor decided to do it next week. Luckily that day, all the screw on my upper gums all removed.

Usually after 8 weeks, the doctor said there will be no more bone movement that’s why the screw that fixated the wafer were all removed and voila!!! my face looked more natural!

 2 months went faster than I thought. Though the feeling around my mouth hadn’t yet come back but doctor said it would come back after 4 months. So I waited patiently.

I felt so proud of my self. I worked hard so that the surgery succeeded. I wanted to give encourage for those who are having malocclusion and having long face like me. Maybe Korean two jaw surgery is the best option for us to change our life forever and boost our self esteem.

Thanks to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group!

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