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[Real Story] Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

[Gangnam breast surgery review]
As a woman in South Korea, it’s been stressful that my breast size is A cup.. every woman will understand..
You guys understand right? It’s not only me right?
Because it doesn’t have volume, people like me couldn’t even dream of wearing bikini or something like that.
I really want to be voluminous.. in other word.. hmm.. being sexy sometimes, but because of my breast, I always give up.
At time like this I realize that woman has to have breast at some point.. ㅠ
If I do boobs job I will only wear thigh clothes everywhere I go!!!
That’s why I had Gangnam breast surgery, and here is the review!

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


It’s 3rd day after my boobs job…
I don’t remember how I spent these 3 days..
It hurts since the day of the surgery until now..
But.. bit by bit, it’s getting better I guess, though I still couldn’t lay down and wake up alone by myself..
If I cough even once, it’ll be a chaos..
My waist also hurts if I sat straight but it feels better if I lay down~
I’m hanging up while taking painkiller..
And of course I still can’t remove the bandage.. but I’m amazed that my breast is getting bigger! Kkkk

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

Finally the 7th nights has passed!
I got injected on my breast today at the hospital~
Finally I got to see my breast… and when I see it.. woah! I’m really amazed! +ㅁ+
It still hurts when my breast was touched though ㅠㅠ
Well, after got injection, I changed from shaping underwear into a sport bra, and the stitch on my armpit has been removed~
What to say.. it’s just that I changed into sport bra but it feels so good..
It’s been hard and annoying, also hurts so much these past week.. it’s been like I got reward for all of those things today~
It looks like I can move naturally now, but it hurts that the swelling hasn’t been reduced~
Well, it’s been only a week right~~ haha
My armpit is not hurting anymore, and it’s not itchy~
Just I hope it’ll get its shape soon!
My breast.. I’m happy even by only looking at it haha
I know it’s my breast but.. my breast is so pretty kkkk

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


As time passes, the pain got way better than the first day of surgery. However I still can feel pain around my nipple and areola sometimes.
It still hurts when I stand up from lying position, and I can go out to café for long time when I felt uncomfortable even when I was sitting down at first! The pain on my back has reduced a lot!
There is almost no pain on my armpit! Thus I hope the pain on my breasts disappear as soon as possible T.T It was really painful when my breasts were touched at first, but it is continuously getting better as I don’t really feel any pain on my breasts even when I touch them by myself!

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


I think most of the pain disappeared from my breasts.
Everything is okay except for my nipples.
It doesn’t hurt even when I squeeze my breasts by myself, and I feel so happy everyday as I look so glamorous and get to love my breasts more and more every time I look at them when I thought my breasts are relatively large compare to my body once.
It is really amazing how it is significant that I have breasts with great volume when I am wearing clothes.
It is really great that I can sleep on my side now!!
I am looking forward for spring as I would be able to wear tight clothes then.
My plastic surgeon said that my breasts are uneven before surgery, but this is hardly significant unless I look into them in detail during shower after surgery. The surgeon did such a fantastic job.


Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


My breasts are getting softer continuously.
My left breast is softer than the right one especially, and the pain on my nipple got better.
It is annoying to wear bandage on my breast still.
But I think it is okay because I got used to it.
I thought my asymmetric nipples would be significant after surgery, however it is hardly significant because my plastic surgeon operated on me really well!!!
I am getting more satisfied every day with my breasts!
I really want to get this bandage off T.T
I am massaging my breasts with my hands often for them to become softer.


Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


My left breast is softer compared to my right one~ haha
Well, it’s a bit hard but it’s really better than the first time!
The sense of my nipples are also getting back!

I want to be free from this sport bra~ ㅠㅠ
I want to go around with my breast gathered kkkk

The weather is also getting better so I guess I can start to wear clothes confidently~
I can’t help but smiling while thinking of that! Kkk


Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

Hmm when I went to lingerie store last time, the staff said that my breast size is 75D, but she told me to wear 80C this time.
I was worried, but I tried it on after purchasing that, and it perfectly fits!
It feels so new to wear wire bra after taking the sports bra off! It feels like I am getting more confidence.
Finally I can wear wire bra T.T
The time was going so slow for last 6 months when I had to wear sports bra, so I am very happy now.
It still feels like my right breast is slightly harder than the other one, but there is no discomfort!
Now they feel like my own breasts, which is really good.

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

This fluorescent colored bra is what I used to wear before surgery, and it feels amazing when I tried this on just then.
Breasts with volume make someone very confident.
My breasts are slightly big compare to my small upper body, but I really have to thank my surgeon when I almost had no breast until now!
There is no discomfort on my breasts at all.
They just feel like my own~
I am just thinking that my breasts were always like this.
I am really proud of my breasts now haha
People around me complimented on how glamorous I am~
I wish other people can dress up with confidence like me!
Thank you to the plastic surgeon at Wonjin Plastic Surgery lol
My breasts are the most beautiful!!

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

I have inserted bigger implants than other people but it doesn’t make me look bad or silly.
It’s actually better because I look more glamorous.
I cannot explain how great I feel when I go to lingerie store.
I always bought cheap bras before surgery, but for now, every time I go to lingerie store, I can tell the staffs about my breast size with confidence.
I think sensation on my breasts came back.

[Real Story] Korea Rhinoplasty Surgery Wonjin

Korea Rhinoplasty Surgery Wonjin

Become a doll nose with Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin!

Before Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


I feel like my nose is too straight and I do not think that it’s pretty so I decided to have a nose revision surgery..
and it’s a relieve that I know about Wonjin Plastic Surgery that I can trust~^^
It’s such a relieve!!


It’s D-4 before the surgery but I didn’t feel nervous as Wonjin Plastic Surgery is a Korean plastic surgery that I can trust, and they are good at consultation too ^^


I want to get away from this straight nose!!!!!


5 days after Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


It’s 5th day after the surgery ^-^!!
The position of nose is not stable yet because of the swelling..!
I will work hard to compress it!


But I’m satisfied now that it looks like the surgery is really well done.
And it also seems like nose tip is also getting down nicely!


7 days after Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


Finally a week after the surgery!!


The bandage on my nose has been removed, and my nose came out nicely, I’m really satisfied^^
It feels so fresh as the stitch is removed as well~ ^^


Anyway, I’m so satisfied!


14 days after Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


Since the stitch inside is removed too, now what is left is to reduce the swelling!!


And finally..


My nose got taped so it can get a good shape..
Anyway, I’m satisfied and will do my best to reduce the swelling soon!!


30 days after Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


Finally it’s a month after my nose surgery~^^


Thanks God that the swelling is reduced a lot compared to before!
The nose shape also the position is good~
I’m so satisfied with the result!


FULL Details Of Procedure Breast Plastic Surgery REVEALED

breast surgery wonjin beauty medical group


Are you planning doing breast plastic surgery?

Is it OK if there is scar left on your body?

Do you care about how soft your breasts are?

Here are some reasons of why you should choose Wonjin Beauty Medical Group (Related article: Korean Celebrities Breast Plastic Surgery

1) Wonjin offers after surgery care which is consists of sensation care & scar care 

2) Real story of Wonjin breast plastic surgery. You can see real breasts change!

3) Wonjin breast plastic surgery is done by dr. Park Wonjin, the famous plastic surgeon in the entire Korea!


Here are full details about the procedure from before breast plastic surgery until exclusive post surgery care. 


breast plastic surgery procedure 1


First you can take a subway and stop at line 2 Gangnam station. From exit 10, you can go straight until you see Pagoda Tower. Go to 17th floor. There you can find Wonjin Breast Plastic Surgery Center.


breast plastic surgery procedure 2


TIPS: You’d better make reservation before you go to Wonjin to have consultation to cut your waiting time.


breast plastic surgery procedure 3


In depth consultation 1:1

breast plastic surgery procedure 4


When it’s your turn, you will be asked to change your clothes into a gown special made for easier examination. In-depth consultation will be divided into 2 parts. First, you will have primary consultation with breast surgery specialized consultant in order to exactly understand your needs. Also it is possible to check the most ideal size for your body through Size Fit Service.


breast plastic surgery procedure 5


Then after first consultation has finished, you will have consultation with breast plastic sugery specialist (surgeon). Consultation will be done based on the consultation record with the consultant. At this time, type of implant, size and surgical method will be decided.


breast plastic surgery procedure 6

More than 50 medical examinations will be performed to scientifically analyze the patient’s condition and body type. With the result, customized surgery plan will be established.

Examination included: in body, chest x-ray, blood test, EKG, Breast ultrasonic examination.



breast plastic surgery procedure 7


Your second visit will be on the day of the breast plastic surgery. Nurse will check your blood pressure and another simple tests, then you will enter the surgery room.

The surgery will be done safely at the aseptic operating room which blocks all external contamination factors with one on one personalized care of anesthesiologist.

Using 3D HD endoscope, Keller Funnel 2, Dermabond, etc cutting-edge safety equipment, Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery System is able to reduce pain and speed up recovery time through minimized incision


breast plastic surgery procedure 8


Next visit will be 1:1 consultation about your condition and your breast to decide what kind of post surgery treatment you should get for faster recovery.


Wonjin Beauty Medical Group exclusive post surgery treatment for faster recovery are mainly consists of sensation care and scar scare. 

korea breast plastic surgery wonjin


3 steps of breast plastic surgery post sensation care to prevent capsular contracture and to relieve pain. 


Multi ultrasonic face exclusive for breasts

It activates the lympathic circulation which eliminates the bruising and swelling quickly. Also, it removes the possibility of inflammation around the implant at an early stage and icnreases the blood circulation to prevent the capsular contracture.


Infrared rays treatment

By activating the blood circulation, it increases the regeneration ability and drastically reduces the pain.


High frequency and lymph massage

By activating the blood circulation, it reduces swelling and minimizes the recovery period which ultimately increases the breast line elasticity.


breast plastic surgery procedure 9

breast plastic surgery procedure 10


breast sensation care after surgery step 1

breast sensation care after surgery step 2 &3




3 steps of breast plastic surgery post scar care 

With the help of scar ointment, scar regeneration injection, and scar laser, Wonjin tries to help to reduce the concerns regarding the scar.


breast plastic surgery procedure 11



breast scar care after surgery


Besides that, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group also provides

1) Scar ointment

2) Scar regeneration injection for 1-2 times a week to help speed up the regeneration process.



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Breast Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos




after breast surgery vvip care





Youtube channel: Korea Plastic Surgery
BBM: 56003578


Breast Surgery Before And After Photos

breast surgery before and after photos


Helo everybody! I’m 25 years old! I wanna share my personal real story of breast surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. You’ll be able to see my breast surgery before and after photos! Almost uncovered!

I really hope this real story can help you to make best decision that I promise will affect your life! 

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before korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin

Before breast surgery photos



I get a lot of stress because of my small breasts. Padded bra is my best friend! I always choose bikini that can push my volume up. My friends thought that I have a good sexy body while actually I am not. Since I was a young girl, I always have skinny body. Maybe that’s why my breasts also have no volume.

I gained 10 kg but no change on my breasts. Luckily my diet was successful so I reduced my weight but!!! my breasts were getting smaller!

I finally decided to have breast surgery. And it’s gonna be tomorrow!

I’m so excited and nervous at the same time but I believe it’s all gonna be OK!



7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin

7 days after breast surgery photos



Yesterday I removed my hemo vac. I felt far more comfortable after the hemo vac was being removed. And Wow! One week has passed! Today is the day to remove the thread! It didn’t hurt at all. I heard scissors sound but I didn’t feel anything like nothing happened.



7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 2

7 days after breast surgery photos


Today I also removed the bandage around my breast.


7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 3

7 days after breast surgery photos



7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 4

7 days after breast surgery photos



I thought today I will get capsular contracture prevention injection but I didn’t get it. One week later I’ll go back to Wonjin to have my breasts checked again maybe that time I’ll get the injection.


7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 5

7 days after breast surgery photos



Now I just need to eat antibiotic and medicine to prevent capsular contracture. Nurse said I could lay down and sleep just like I used to sleep but still reminded me not to move my arm that much because there could be bleeding and if that happens that means I need to get another treatment to get the blood out.


14 days after korea breast plastic surgery

14 days after breast surgery photos


I came to Wonjin again because last week when I went for check up, doctor said the recovery process between my breasts are different. Today I got the remaining thread removed.


14 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 2

14 days after breast surgery photos



The scar was not as bad as I thought but I need to give extra care so that it can heal without any scar remain. I got capsular contracture injection today, 3 times each so total 6 times. Just a little sting and it’s over soon ^^.

Now I can be free from supportive nursing bra! I only use bandage around my breast when I sleep. So, here are my new breast 2 weeks after breast surgery!



14 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 3

14 days after breast surgery photos


Well, actually I regret about the size. I think what people said are somewhat right. “Now that you got breast surgery, make your breasts bigger!” I decided 320 cc each. I thought they are big enough but they aren’t.

Until now my breasts are still hard. I hope they become softer as soon as possible.



30 days after korea breast plastic surgery 1

30 days after breast surgery photos


Now that it’s already one month after breast surgery, I feel no hurt anymore! Now I can sleep comfortably. I can lift up my arms freely!

Two weeks ago I said I regret my breasts size but now I changed my mind. The size just right for my body size. My breasts were just the size of little girl and now they are bigger like this. I feel so confidence for the first time in my life to live as a real woman!


30 days after breast surgery photos

30 days after breast surgery photos


Now that it doesn’t hurt anymore, and my breasts are much much softer, one thing I still worry is the scar under my armpit. But doc said it’ll disappear by time and told me not to worry.



30 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 3

30 days after breast surgery photos


I am getting the infrared treatment. It’s warm and nice!


30 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 4

30 days after breast surgery photos




30 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 5

30 days after breast surgery photos


I try to wear bikini and just like you can see from the photos above! My breasts are so pretty and full! I never thought this time could happen in my life! I’m so ready to wear bikini~~



60 days after korea breast plastic surgery 1

2 months after breast surgery photos


2 months has passed. This is how the scar looks now.


60 days after korea breast plastic surgery 2

2 months after breast surgery photos


As you can see, my breasts are so natural!


60 days after korea breast plastic surgery 3

2 months after breast surgery photos



Look at my breasts! What do you think?

I think they are getting more beautiful and natural!

They are softer and softer just like real breasts~



3 months after korea breast plastic surgery 1

3 months after breast surgery photos



My breasts just look like real! No pad at all and look at the volume! I still have scars on my armpit so I try not to show my armpit that much.

Couldn’t imagine 3 months ago my breasts were A cup but now it’s bigger and beautiful!




7 months after breast surgery photos

7 months after breast surgery photos



I went to the underwear store and the employee suggested that I should wear cup D or E!! I thought maybe B or C would be enough, but D, E…. WOW! and they are SOFT! Like marshmallow!!! Like real breasts! See the photos by yourself!



7 months after breast surgery photos 2

7 months after breast surgery photos



So I asked her to measure my breasts. I admitted that I just did breast surgery. She said if diameter of lower breast and upper breast difference is more than 20 cm, one should wear E cup. Mine is 20 cm! So I should wear D cup!




9 months after breast surgery photos

9 months after breast surgery photos




11 months after breast surgery photos 2

11 months after breast surgery photos



11 months after breast surgery photos

11 months after breast surgery photos


Yeah! The scar is almost gone! I think the key is post care management!

Don’t forget to apply medicine to help the scar went faster.


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Youtube channel: Korea Plastic Surgery
BBM: 56003578


Korea Face Contouring – Find Her TRUE Face



Welcome to Choi’s real story!

She is dying to find her true face.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery’s korea face contouring helped her reveal her hidden true face.

Read her real story here (Indonesian version)






She failed job interview again and again.

She broke up with her boyfriend.

She believed that it’s all because of her unpretty big wide face.





She have tried everything that she could but it isn’t enough.

She finally understood that the last choice she have is WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP.

Wonjin’s korea face contouring is famous and the best in Korea.

Watch The Best Korea face contouring Wonjin


Now she doesn’t need to cover her face anymore!




Before and after korea face contouring photos

Real smooth V-line, prettier, natural transformation!











Wonjin Beauty Medical Group’s Korea face contouring added values




Get your own face, a face that fulls of attractiveness!~







Get your own face, a face that may invite love for you and heals your broken heart!~







Get your own face, a face that is real just like its your own.






Get your own face, a face that ideal and suits you the best.

A perfect V-line face seen from front, side or 45 degree!





Get your own face, a face that makes you confident with any make-up, with any hair style, with any accessory, with any clothes you wear. A perfect completion for a perfect you!


Watch her real transformation,

by Korea face contouring!




Get your own perfect V-line & ideal korea face contouring!

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Youtube channel: Korea Plastic Surgery
BBM: 56003578

[Real Story] Korean Face Contouring Surgery

BEFORE & AFTER korean face contouring surgery



Hello everybody~

Call me Kim Su-hwan. I’m 22 years old.

Welcome to my Korea plastic surgery REAL STORY~



before doing korea plastic surgery



This is my first story.

Actually this will be my first surgery since I was born. Kind a worry but also excited.

Well.. I finally decided to do Korea plastic surgery to reach my dream.

Since I was a kid, I like to sing. I want to be a singer. I made band and started

to do performance here and there. Then when survival singing TV program started

to boom, I also participated on several programs. I even got audition and meeting

with several entertainment companies.

To tell you the truth I have visual impairment that have made me a bit uncomfortable

and somewhat afraid getting closer to my dream.

Sometimes the project related person would also tell me to invest for my look.

Most of them told me to fix my jaw and my cheekbone.

I decided to do something to improve my look.

Choosing clinic or hospital? Well.. I think all clinics are almost the same

but for a difficult surgery that involves cutting bones, it needs special hands with knowledge

and know-how about what he or she is doing.

But I have no money so I sent my application as a plastic surgery model and I got accepted!

As you know there are lots of plastic surgery in Gangnam or Apgujeong area.

In order to choose one, I narrowed down my list into clinics that have long histories and

not small clinics that might disappear suddenly.

I also read real stories and reviews. I joined some websites and did some research.

There I found Wonjin Plastic Surgery~

Good news is I got selected! I can’t wait to do the surgery soon~



3 days after face contouring, eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty



The day of the surgery. Kind a afraid and worry.

I laid down and the nurse sedated me. I closed my eyes and suddenly when I opened my eyes

the surgery already finished.

It wasn’t as hurt as I thought before. After the surgery I have to wear wafer for 7 weeks

so during that time  I couldn’t speak and I could only drink water, soy milk, juice, etc.

I got no other uncomfortableness except of those things.

It’s just 3 days after Korean face contouring surgery so my face were still swollen.

Couldn’t wait until I could see the result.


7 days after face contouring, eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty




It’s been one month after Korean face contouring surgery. 

Finally the tape that was attached to my jaw and philtrum could be removed.

I felt so fresh~

When I compared with my 3 days after surgery’s picture,

I could see the swelling went down fast. If I keep doing light exercise and doing

all the precautions that the doctors told me to do than I guess the swelling will go down

in the same pace just like now.

I still only be able to drink soy milk, milk, soup, juice for my meal.

I felt a bit dizzy sometimes maybe because I lack of nutrients.


2 weeks after face contouring, eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty



It’s been 2 weeks after Korean face contouring surgery. 

The swollen has almost gone all and I could see my face line. Super amazing!

At first I only ate soft porridge, drank soy milk but as I was able to open my mouth

as wide as my two fingers, I could start to eat other food! Yay!

I kept doing light exercise, any exercises that I can do at home.

I also kept practicing opening my mouth.


1 month after face contouring, eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty



One month after Korean face contouring surgery. 

I don’t feel any pain and I can eat well also exercise well.

Actually the swelling on my face is considered less than other people’s but

as you can see from the picture, it’s better than right after the surgery.

I thought Korean face contouring surgery will hurt but it doesn’t.

I feel no pain, there is no swelling. I feel so satisfied!

I don’t feel any discomfort.

My dream is to be a successful singer. Every time I got an audition, I was worry about

my visual impairment and also my look but now I don’t need to worry anymore!

Now I can focus on my singing.

Thanks to Wonjin~


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Youtube channel: Korea Plastic Surgery
BBM: 56003578




Korea Plastic Surgery – Square King Real Story

Korea plastic surgery real journey-square king Story

Hello everybody! Welcome to my korean face contouring real story!

Yeah, call me Square King! You won’t believe it, I’m actually still 24 years old!

before korean face contouring 01



before korean face contouring 02




Square jaw and protruding cheekbone not only made me look older but also gave me

a lot of stress. Since I was in elementary school, my jaw was square so my friends

made fun of me and gave me shaming nickname.  As time went by, middle school,

even high school, my jaw got more square and plus my cheekbone also got protruded.

Until I graduated from university, I got a lot of stress and disorders.

My face frame caused me strange habits like forcing me to spray my hair

so I could look neat and clean. I always had long hair because my side hair helped

me to cover my big face. Whenever the wind blown strongly or

someone accidentally touched my hair, I always be very sensitive.

I got so excited with my new coming face.

Couldn’t wait~~~



3 days after korean face contouring


3 days after korean face contouring surgery.

I don’t know that my face would be like this. Swelling so much just like a

balloon. I wish the swelling will go as fast as possible.

Doctor said the swelling will start to go from tomorrow and 1-2 weeks later,

swelling will gone completely and I can go back to my daily routine.

But it will take minimum 1 month and maximum 6 months till I can see the face line

that I wanted so much.




1 week after korean face contouring


1 week after korean face contouring surgery.

Still I can see many swelling on my face. But as you can also see,

compare to the 3rd day after the surgery, the swelling has reduced much.




2 weeks after korean face contouring


2 weeks after korean face contouring surgery.

Post-operative swelling care in Wonjin Plastic Surgery is very good,

better than I have thought before. I think Wonjin performs Korean best face contouring surgery.

I got the service for several times and it makes me

feel comfortable. My swelling has reduced much starting from nose and up

but my cheek and both of my jaw still swollen a lot.

I still use mask every time I go out. When I wear my mask I get so surprised

because both of my protruding cheekbones have disappeared.

I think if the swelling is completely gone, I will have a small and slimmer face.

I cut my hair short. Now I have a neat-looking hair.




2 months after korean face contouring


2 months after korean face contouring surgery.

Still swollen. I guess time is money for every plastic surgery.

Now I can eat everything I want, of course still no tough meat!

Now I can open my mouth as wide as three fingers.




3 months after korean face contouring


3 months after Korean face contouring surgery.

People said my face is small and I look good. But actually there still swelling remains.

The upper part of my face is narrow but it is getting bigger at the bottom.




4 months after korean face contouring


4 months after Korean face contouring surgery.

My face is slimmer now. I have always wanted a face like this. I want to thank

everyone for helping me getting through this process.




7 months after korean face contouring


7 months after Korean face contouring surgery.

I look good with neat hair cut. I am so happy for that.




8 months after korean face contouring


8 months after Korean face contouring surgery.

My best decision ever. I hope my story inspires you who are also having stress

because of appearance. We have choices now.

Make one and start it NOW!

For more information please click






[Real Story] Breast Plastic Surgery In Korea

REAL STORY breast plastic surgery in korea




before breast plastic surgery in korea



Welcome to my breast plastic surgery in Korea REAL STORY! Call me Cheetah, I’m 24 years old. I’m a trainer.

Yes, because my job is a trainer, so I have more muscles than common other women. My posture also looks big.

But I have very small breasts compare to my big posture. I got a lot of stress all the time.

It’s like the more I take exercise, the smaller my breasts are. I couldn’t take it anymore…

so I decided to have a breast plastic surgery in one of breast plastic surgery specialized hospital in Korea.

If you ask me what I hope after the surgery then my answer is wearing sports bra without pad in the hot summer!!

I have also wanted to be able to wear any clothes I want with confidence!

Not to forget, SEXY BIKINI is also on my top list!

But I also have something to worry about. It’s the SCAR!

My skin is easy to make keloid. I’m a bit worry about the incision area but Wonjin Plastic Surgery

is very famous here in Korea, the best Korean breast plastic surgery. So I think I just try to believe them.

FYI: Based on examination and discussion with the doctor, I will use tear-drop breast implant! ^^

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3 days after breast plastic surgery in korea

3 days after breast plastic surgery in korea




It’s the 3rd days after breast plastic surgery in Korea.

The nurse remove my blood bag. I feel like a straw inside my breasts just being taken away from my body.

It doesn’t hurt. Without the blood bag, I almost don’t feel any pain. I can also move easier.

Though the area where the blood bag is removed is a bit hard but as time goes by it become softer.

Of course I keep doing exercise and I give massage routinely to speed up the recovery process.





7 days after breast plastic surgery in korea

7 days after breast plastic surgery in korea




It’s one week after breast plastic surgery in Korea.

I visit Wonjin again to sterilize the incision area and the part where the blood bag is removed.

I also get capsular contracture prevention injection.

7 days after the surgery and I could move my arm easier and there is no bruise left. I’m so lucky!

Though there is a bit swelling different between my breasts.

Overall, the swelling really goes down faster than I thought.

Because the implant is inserted under the muscle so when I move my arm wide or when I give pressure,

I can feel my upper breasts are somewhat pulled by something. But the doctor explained it is just natural thing. Because arm muscle and breast muscle are connected to each other.

Maybe you wonder about the pain… Well, 3rd days was the most painful day! 7 days after, it’s endurable!

Two weeks later I will have the thread removed! I feel so relieved because the incision scar is very neat.

Next week I have to start to work again and because I am a trainer and I have to lift dumb-bell often,

this makes me quite worry. But as my recovery is this fast, I realize I get nothing to worry about.


2 weeks after breast plastic surgery in korea

2 weeks after breast plastic surgery in korea



My breast muscle range of motion has become wider, now my life is much easier but I still have trouble when doing breast exercise, push-up, or exercise that has relation with weight.

But I can walk fast and I can do shoulder exercise easy!

Pain? I feel it every time I wake up but that’s all. Now I wear tight clothes all the time.

I feel like they are my real breasts! So natural! Everybody envy me for my new big breasts!

If you are thinking of doing breast plastic surgery,


I was kind a afraid because it’s a big surgery, but the result was 100% satisfying!

Now I can change my fashion style. I have full confidence!

My body looks glamorous thanks to my fuller breasts. It looks like I have tighter and smaller waist!





1 month after breast plastic surgery in korea

1 month after breast plastic surgery in korea




At first I was a bit worry about the size. But now I regret why I didn’t ask for bigger volume. Hehehe…

Now the feeling has become softer and softer. The scar also has become lighter and lighter.

I can lie down on my side, or even bent on my knees comfortably. Though I have tried not to do hard exercise,

but the pain that sometimes I felt during running time now is much better.

My friends are following me now. They are inspired by me.

Well, I think Wonjin is a place to help women show their confidence!

No matter how hard you exercise,

you won’t have bigger breasts! So, I suggest you all do the same too^^

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[Real Story & Tips] Two Jaw Surgery In Korea

two jaw surgery in korea



I’m a college student. I’m 22 years old. Welcome to my two jaw surgery REAL STORY.

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery 01

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery




As you can see from my picture, I had severe jutting chin. As I grew up, my jaw and chin also grew together and I’d been hearing bad jokes that made me lost my confidence.

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery 02

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery




My boyfriend told me while covering my mouth “You are actually really pretty. Work hard to get money and go to have Korean two jaw surgery”. My senseless friend also told me “Now that you lost your weight, I can’t even see your face if you tied your hair”. Even my cousin also asked me “Why does your jaw protrude sister?”. Though I managed to stay strong and keep smiling actually all of these hurt my feeling so bad.


7 days before Korean two jaw surgery 04

7 days before Korean two jaw surgery




Then one day I decided to do Korean two jaw surgery. My mom also gave me permission. I heard that jutting chin will be corrected by two jaw surgery and you need it only once! Of course after the surgery, I will still need orthodontic/ dental therapy and some post surgeries treatment but I can’t wait to have it done soon! I was so excited!!

[Day of the Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

It went faster than I had thought it would be. I felt nothing and I couldn’t think a single thing. Everyone told me that they were surprised there were less bleeding and less swelling compare to another person. FYI, the nurse told me not to sleep over 11 hours because there will be dyspnoea. So my mom and my brother kept waking me up. When I suddenly felt asleep, I woke up because I couldn’t breathe and it was hurt. The nurse helped me to remove blood sputum in my neck using some tool but it hurted me so much so I chose to spit it out of my mouth ( TIPS: the more you spit mucus and blood sputum out of your mouth, the faster you will recover).

I also blew my nose. But then I found out that there are lots of small blood vessels inside our nose that can easily break and it’s kind a dangerous. (TIPS: Never ever blow your nose after doing plastic surgery!)

[D+2 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

My face bandage and tape was removed but it was so much hurt that I cried. Nurses told me to hold on my tears because if I cried, my face would be swollen. Then came the doctor to sterilize the scar, removed the blood container and put on the frame to fix my jaw.

[D+3 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

At first I put ice pack inside the bandage but the nurse told me not to do so because it may give bad effect to my recovery. Instead she told me to place it directly on my face using my hand. I can’t eat anything even liquid food before any gas come out from my body.

It has been 3 days and still no gas so the nurse told me to start drinking water and walking around. FYI: I didn’t drink the water directly, I drank through small hose on the syringe that is directed to between my back teeth.

I kept spitting blood sputum out of my mouth. So I always bring tissues. Finally the gas came out and I can start to eat liquid food (of course through a small hose). After eating, I gargled my mouth using brown gargle to sterilize my mouth.

[D+4 Korean Two Jaw Surgery] Going Home

The doctor gave me pain killer prescription and told me not to worry much. As soon as I arrived home, I washed my face for the first time since the surgery day. Actually I supposed to take exercise regularly so that the swelling could go faster but I was so lazy and my stamina was so weak that I chose to lay on the bed (with 2-3 pillows under my head).

I drank 1 glass of soy milk, red ginseng, pumpkin extract, water consecutively. Then 30 minutes after that I ate drugs and gargled my mouth. It took me at least 1 hour just to eat.

[D+6 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

Swelling went down slightly day by day. Finally I could take a real bath.

I took off the tape on my face.

[D+7 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

Yeah, I finally washed my hair too!! I knew it’s dirty but I can do nothing. Actually we need somone’s help maybe you can go to beauty salon. As for me, I asked my mom’s help to wash my hair.

[D+11 Korean Two Jaw Surgery] First clinic visit

 When the doctor removed the wafer, I thought it’s gonna be forever, but I was wrong. The good news, he just put back two rubber band and helped me to practice to put it on and off by myself.

Then he told me to say “aaa” (open mouth widely) while the rubber band is on my mouth and say “ooo” while putting lips together and also told me to smile and try to balace the corner of my mouth.

[D+ 14 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

I took many picture before I did surgery. Now that I see my old pictures, I felt like I was really look like a witch. It’s been 2 weeks since my surgery and now I could do my daily activities without any trouble. I felt like I did the right thing. My face is smaller, my eyes look bigger, my jaw look shorter and  my nose look sharper.

[D+ 18 Korean Two Jaw Surgery] Second clinic visit

It’s the day when the thread was removed out of philtrum and my mouth. There was only a little blood came out (I thought it’s gonna be much!>.<) . Nurse taught me to open my mouth widely for 10 sec, to push my jaw forward while opening my mouth widely for 10 sec, to move my jaw to the left while opening my mouth widely for 10 sec, to move my jaw to the right while opening my mouth widely for 10 sec. She also told me to put some hot pack 1-3 times a day and to do some light exercise every morning and night for faster recovery. After the thread had been removed, I can move my mouth more naturally. I also went to get swelling care. FYI: Wonjin has a very good tools and system. I felt like a queen. It’s been a long time since I got someone massaging and taking care of my skin.

[D+ 21 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

I could eat soymilk, milk, juice for snack often then I gargled my mouth. I could eat porridges few plates everyday (my appetite had become normal again). People said that we’ll loose weight after having Korean Two Jaw Surgery,  but not in my case ^^;

I always did mouth exercises after puting some hot pack on my face. I felt like the muscles became less tense, thanks to the hot pack. I also did mouth exercise after brushing my teeth (after I put off the rubber band). I gargled my mouth often so the skin enar my mouth became more sensitive so Vaseline is a MUST HAVE ITEM.

[D+ 22 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

22 days after having Korean two surgery

22 days after having Korean two surgery




[D+ 23 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

23 days after having Korean two jaw surgery

23 days after having Korean two jaw surgery




[D+ 26 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

26 days after having Korean two jaw surgery

26 days after having Korean two jaw surgery




It’s the first time I ate real food after having Korean two jaw surgery. It’s soft soybean curd soup!! You know, I still couldn’t chew, so I used spoon to mash the soybean curd.

[D+ 27 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

food that I ate on day 27th

I ate castela with milk and also mung bean rice porridge that my mom made for me.

I also still ate soymilk and juice at this time.

[D+ 28 Korean Two Jaw Surgery]

28 days after having Korean two jaw surgery

28 days after having Korean two jaw surgery




28 days after having the surgery, this day was my first time to went out with my friends and I put a bit make-up on my face.




after having Korean Two Jaw Surgery



after having Korean Two Jaw Surgery 02

8 weeks after having Korean two surgery




Today actually was the day when the wafer in my mouth supposed to be removed and changed with brace but doctor decided to do it next week. Luckily that day, all the screw on my upper gums all removed.

Usually after 8 weeks, the doctor said there will be no more bone movement that’s why the screw that fixated the wafer were all removed and voila!!! my face looked more natural!

 2 months went faster than I thought. Though the feeling around my mouth hadn’t yet come back but doctor said it would come back after 4 months. So I waited patiently.

I felt so proud of my self. I worked hard so that the surgery succeeded. I wanted to give encourage for those who are having malocclusion and having long face like me. Maybe Korean two jaw surgery is the best option for us to change our life forever and boost our self esteem.

Thanks to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group!

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