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Face Lift Surgery-Which Lifting Thread To Choose?

which thread to choose-lifting in wonjin



Yesterday we have discussed everything you need to know about lifting era and how to look as young as you feel. So today, we are going to discuss more on the lifting thread itself.

As you know, there are a lot of thread using in lifting procedure. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea also provides many kinds of lifting procedure depending on patient’s needs. And today we are going to focus more on melting thread VS non-melting thread.

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea,we have special medical thread that has 2-3 times more wrapping than regular thread. This non-melting thread V lifting has strong fixation and tenacity so it provides semi permanent effect.

non melting thread v-lifting effect wonjin



Principles of non-melting thread V lifting

principles of non melting thread v-lifting wonjin



Special features of non-melting thread V lifting

non melting v-lifting thread



  • It is a safe thread that has been approved by the KFDA (Korea Food Drug and Administration)
  • It has 2-3 more times  spiral than the previous thread for stronger support and tenacity
  • It has proven to be a safe thread through 50 years of clinical trials and there is almost no side effects
  • The results are effective even with a few threads
  • With the regeneration of collagen, the skin tone becomes clear and brighter


Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea doesn’t simply insert the thread  but the thread is inserted deep within the dermis rather than the outer skin. As the thread is being inserted, the skin is softly rubbed so that the spiral can hook well to the skin tissue and after finding a correct fixation spot, then the soft tissue is pulled in the opposite direction of gravity.


non melting thread V lifting injection area
                                   non melting thread V lifting injection area



Meanwhile, the lifting procedure which uses melting thread is called ultra v lifting. Maybe you are worried with the fact that the inserted thread will melt slowly in our body. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, we only use PDO (Polydioxanone) thread that got the highest safety level (level 4) from KFDA.

ultra v lifting melting thread



PDO thread is not harmful to the human body. It is made of protein, so it regenerate collagen and new blood vessels so that the skin tone looks brighter. With the improvement of blood circulation, the skin will look clearer.

melting thread ultra V-lifting wonjin



Principles of melting thread ultra V-lifting 

principles of melting thread ultra v-lifting wonjin



The thread is made of protein so it will slowly be absorbed within 6-8 months. It will increases the regeneration continuously which help the skin to become clear and elastic again.


melting thread ultra V lifting injection area
                                         melting thread ultra V lifting injection area



Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea recommends for you who are still in your 20s to use melting thread, means to get ultra V lifting procedure. And for you who are already in your 40s to use non-melting thread, means to get V lifting procedure.

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