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Facial Contouring for Buccal Fat Removal

Another most popular plastic surgery in Korea is facial contouring. We can see for the result of Korean beauty by their v-line face shape. Facial contouring itself has various procedures such as: complex facial contour, cheekbone reduction, square jaw reduction, front chin surgery, forehead augmentation, paranasal augmentation, non-invasive contouring, and face contour revision.

One patient might have various causes on their big face shape and it can be solved by facial contouring. Big face not only caused by the bone only, but also can be caused by muscle and fats. We can often find buccal fat around the lower jaw bone. These buccal fats can make wide and square appearing face shape. Especially, because of angled bone below the ear, it might look bigger.

Square jaw reduction facial contour WONJIN can remove the angular jaw line and create a slender v-line. Those with a lot of fat deposits on the cheeks may have difficulties in seeing dramatic surgery outcomes. In such cases, performing jaw reduction facial contouring surgery and buccal fat removal together can maximize the final appearance.

Face contour WONJIN not only aimed to bring you an excessive v-line that unbalanced with your face shape. Face contour WONJIN only make natural v-line that comes prettily along matched with your face shape. Optimum osteology line will be analyzed using 3D-CT and virtual simulation through Real 3D Scanner. WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic will help you to achieve the most ideal face line with your facial ration.

In general, WONJIN Korean face contoring has various method that can be done in square jaw reduction:

  • Mandibular Resection
  • Cortical Resection
  • Tosteotomy
  • Buccal Fat Removal
  • Muscle Resection

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