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Famous Breast Implant in Korea

Wondering what is the most famous breast surgery implant in Korea? Known as premium breast implant, it has tons of benefits compared to another implant. This make Motiva feels like queen of Korean breast plastic surgery.

Meet Premium Motiva with the highest quality, satisfaction and safety in famous breast surgery center, WONJIN Beauty Medical Group! Motiva provide the highest projection and a complete filling of the upper hole.

This famous breast surgery implant also give more natural appearance. It was designed for women who look for a breast implant with the most natural look. Motiva implant able to their natural movements and give them confidence in their normal lifestyle situation.

When Motiva implant is lying flat the maximum point of position moves back to the center of the implant. It aims to mimic the natural movement of the breast tissue and is designed to move in synchrony with the movement of the Korean breast surgery patient.

famous breast surgery implant in korea

Another most incredible thing from Motiva breast implant is the implant insertion. Motiva’s excellent elasticity allows implant insertion through minimal incision (2.5~3cm). While another Korea breast surgery implant require an incision about 5cm big, but Motiva can be easily inserted through small incision sites as its surface is even and smooth.

Therefore, small incision lead to less pain, bleeding, minimal scars, and quick recovery. Also, Blue Seal insertion on Motiva minimizes silicone gel diffusion to the other area of body. This results in reducing the risk of capsular contracture that may be occurred due to gel bleeding.

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