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Famous Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea Complex

There are no perfect human. Also in body there are no symmetrical parts, normally it appears asymmetric. But famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea will improve your looks to become close to perfect and symmetric. How does it works?

Well, sure to know that Korea is well known with plastic surgery method and professional surgeon skill. It makes us to confuse how to choose the best and famous plastic surgery in Gangnam Korea. First, we must to know what kind of complex that we suffering of.

There are 3 main complex who are often to hear in the famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea:

  1. Cheekbone complex
    • The most protruding point on the side of cheekbone will be pin pointed based on 3D-CT shooting to find the incision line for cheekbone complex. Famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea provides outstanding result of cheekbone reduction effect by looking at any side since the surgery is done by the best incision line to minimize the error range within 1 mm.
  2. Square jaw complex
    • Reducing square jaw only does not maximize the surgery effect. Thus, optimum reduction area is pinpointed to apply sagittal split osteotomy on lower jaw bone and mandibular angle osteotomy. So, it’s leading to effective result of square jaw reduction and utmost satisfaction.
  3. Asymmetric face
    • Asymmetric face is caused due to abnormal development of face bones. Every person’s face and body is a little asymmetric which is normal. But if the level of asymmetry is high, then it will cause masticatory dysfunction and problems in jaw point. Asymmetry face can be corrected after accurate analysis of the cause and symptoms. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea only offer the customized surgery that will bring the best result for each individual.

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