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The Famous Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea

Wonjin Plastic Surgery, which is part of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, is one of the most famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea. Not only famous for its big scale of beauty center but also famous for its rhinoplasty and breast plastic surgery.

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As we all know, Korea plastic surgery is very famous in the world. How famous is Korea plastic surgery? Recently, Wonjin Plastic Surgery was participated on a filming for two documentary programs from two different overseas broadcasting stations.



The first one is RTTV, a Russian broadcasting station. They came to Wonjin Plastic Surgery to film a documentary about young people who are dreaming to be a Kpop star and cosmetic surgery, which cannot be separated about Korean beauty.

As Kpop is really famous, Gangnam plastic surgery also becoming really famous and popular even in Russia. And through this documentary, they were having a lot of interviews about the reason why Korean celebrities look young and pretty as well as the current state and future trend of cosmetic surgery.

The second broadcasting station is Hong Kong TVB, which is the largest private broadcasting company in Hong Kong. Through this documentary, they want to show that plastic surgery is not only famous among young people but also people in their middle age, which is also known for Silver Plastic Surgery.



It’s spotlighting on the senior lives of each country as aging society comes to the fore and to seek resolutions on how we can overcome such aging crisis with the help of technologies and policies.

Besides these two documentaries, Wonjin Plastic Surgery also had participated on some broadcasts in and outside Korea, since Kpop and Korean wave also getting more and more famous and popular.

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