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Is there any trend of best rhinoplasty trend? Of course the answer is YES! Then, how to find best rhinoplasty shape of the year? Well, if you are wondering to find what is the best nose shape that is suitable for you, you are in the right place!

Used to be popular in the past few year is curvy nose line. Of course not all patient is suitable for this shape, there is also some patient who is not suitable and decided to do revision surgery. But the problem now is how to find best rhinoplasty shape for me?

First to look is from the forehead down to nose line. When forehead and nose line is naturally connected, it will turn to be pretty nose line. Nose bridge and nose tip should has naturally sharp built. Of course this is not the only base or standard that are using in rhinoplasty.

There is also ideal angle between the nose bridge and nose tip which is 45 degrees. The ideal nose length is 1/3 of face. But, best rhinoplasty in Korea should follow face proportional shape not only stuck at this ideal ratio.

How about upturned nose after rhinoplasty?

When nose tip surgery is performed to rise up, it should be nose tip only that will be risen. But after surgery, why there is too much nostril that be seen? This is normal condition after rhinoplasty due to its swelling. Especially on the second day after the surgery, the swelling is getting its highest point. All patient have to do is to wait for the swelling to recover.

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