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Freeze Your Fat, Throw It Away, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

More and more modern technology has been introduced on plastic surgery and cosmetic industry to help people get what they want in many ways. At Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, many people want to get slimmer, without diet, without liposuction, without surgery. Is is possible?


One of the solution is through Laser Treatment.


Introducing Cool-thera, a cutting-edge technology of lipolysis therapy by freezing fat cells at a very low temperature. This fat reducing procedure at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is very effective not only the size of the fat cells but also the number of fat, which is done by applying the newest obesity treatment technique which involving Cryo principal.


Freeze Your Fat, Throw It Away, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group


Only 45 minutes in total, you can throw away your fat. Cool-thera is very convenient and safe. It will get you back to daily activity right away after the treatment is done, without any pain, and almost no side effect.


It is a fat reducing procedure where the Cryo-cooling energy is emitted to the target area and cooling fats on the area targeted. It will lead to the natural necrosis of frozen fat cells. Then the frozen fat cells will be decomposed and eliminated as body waste in metabolism system.


Freeze Your Fat, Throw It Away, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group


Simple Q&A About Cool-thera at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Q: How many times do I need Cool-thera treatment to see the effect?
A: You may find the difference after 2 times. It is recommended to get 3-9 times with 2 weeks of interval in general.

Q: Are there any symptoms after the treatment?
A: You may have tingling sensation or get bruising due to the pressure but these symptoms are normal and do get better fairly quickly.

Q: What are the post treatment precautions?
A: Avoid Cool-thera treatment if you are allergic to cold or a diabetic patient. Hot sauna and hot bath are not recommended on the treatment day.


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