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FULL Details Of Procedure Breast Plastic Surgery REVEALED

breast surgery wonjin beauty medical group


Are you planning doing breast plastic surgery?

Is it OK if there is scar left on your body?

Do you care about how soft your breasts are?

Here are some reasons of why you should choose Wonjin Beauty Medical Group (Related article: Korean Celebrities Breast Plastic Surgery

1) Wonjin offers after surgery care which is consists of sensation care & scar care 

2) Real story of Wonjin breast plastic surgery. You can see real breasts change!

3) Wonjin breast plastic surgery is done by dr. Park Wonjin, the famous plastic surgeon in the entire Korea!


Here are full details about the procedure from before breast plastic surgery until exclusive post surgery care. 


breast plastic surgery procedure 1


First you can take a subway and stop at line 2 Gangnam station. From exit 10, you can go straight until you see Pagoda Tower. Go to 17th floor. There you can find Wonjin Breast Plastic Surgery Center.


breast plastic surgery procedure 2


TIPS: You’d better make reservation before you go to Wonjin to have consultation to cut your waiting time.


breast plastic surgery procedure 3


In depth consultation 1:1

breast plastic surgery procedure 4


When it’s your turn, you will be asked to change your clothes into a gown special made for easier examination. In-depth consultation will be divided into 2 parts. First, you will have primary consultation with breast surgery specialized consultant in order to exactly understand your needs. Also it is possible to check the most ideal size for your body through Size Fit Service.


breast plastic surgery procedure 5


Then after first consultation has finished, you will have consultation with breast plastic sugery specialist (surgeon). Consultation will be done based on the consultation record with the consultant. At this time, type of implant, size and surgical method will be decided.


breast plastic surgery procedure 6

More than 50 medical examinations will be performed to scientifically analyze the patient’s condition and body type. With the result, customized surgery plan will be established.

Examination included: in body, chest x-ray, blood test, EKG, Breast ultrasonic examination.



breast plastic surgery procedure 7


Your second visit will be on the day of the breast plastic surgery. Nurse will check your blood pressure and another simple tests, then you will enter the surgery room.

The surgery will be done safely at the aseptic operating room which blocks all external contamination factors with one on one personalized care of anesthesiologist.

Using 3D HD endoscope, Keller Funnel 2, Dermabond, etc cutting-edge safety equipment, Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery System is able to reduce pain and speed up recovery time through minimized incision


breast plastic surgery procedure 8


Next visit will be 1:1 consultation about your condition and your breast to decide what kind of post surgery treatment you should get for faster recovery.


Wonjin Beauty Medical Group exclusive post surgery treatment for faster recovery are mainly consists of sensation care and scar scare. 

korea breast plastic surgery wonjin


3 steps of breast plastic surgery post sensation care to prevent capsular contracture and to relieve pain. 


Multi ultrasonic face exclusive for breasts

It activates the lympathic circulation which eliminates the bruising and swelling quickly. Also, it removes the possibility of inflammation around the implant at an early stage and icnreases the blood circulation to prevent the capsular contracture.


Infrared rays treatment

By activating the blood circulation, it increases the regeneration ability and drastically reduces the pain.


High frequency and lymph massage

By activating the blood circulation, it reduces swelling and minimizes the recovery period which ultimately increases the breast line elasticity.


breast plastic surgery procedure 9

breast plastic surgery procedure 10


breast sensation care after surgery step 1

breast sensation care after surgery step 2 &3




3 steps of breast plastic surgery post scar care 

With the help of scar ointment, scar regeneration injection, and scar laser, Wonjin tries to help to reduce the concerns regarding the scar.


breast plastic surgery procedure 11



breast scar care after surgery


Besides that, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group also provides

1) Scar ointment

2) Scar regeneration injection for 1-2 times a week to help speed up the regeneration process.



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