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Get Your Face’s Balance at Korea Two Jaw Surgery

Honestly, face’s beauty doesn’t have any ideal standard. It will be different one from each other. Especially in Korea two jaw surgery, the beauty itself can be obtained from the balance of our face. To bring the perfect Korea two jaw surgery, of course surgeon is not alone, dentist also become big part of this surgery.

The key point of beautiful face is balance!

  • It is important to find the right proportion and balance for each individual patients during all facial reconstruction surgeries.
  • Proportioned face gives a pleasing appearance.
  • The overall harmony of all features of the face is important rather than concentrating on one specific anatomy.

Using the best system ever in Korea two jaw surgery, face bone and soft tissue structure enables to bring perfect results. 4D Precise Diagnostic System also be used to predict after surgery result. It is important to predict result accurately after osteotomy without involving nerves.

4D Precice Diagnostic System in Wonjin Beauty Medical Group allows analyzing not only face bone but also muscle, fat, location of nerve and blood vessel which are invisible, bone structure and its movement to minimize the error which might be able to occur to less than 1 mm. This improves safety and completeness of Korea two jaw surgery.

In case of complex protruded mouth, Korea two jaw surgery can correct the problems of long face or asymmetric face. It has the advantage of controlling the amount of reducing the protrusion since it can be done without tooth extraction.

Advantages of Korea two jaw surgery:

  • Solve both face structure and exposed gum problem at one time!
  • Higher nose bridge effect due to protruded jaw and mouth
  • Baby face effect
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