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Hair Line Contouring by Famous Plastic Surgery

Have you ever cover your face with your hair? Or have you ever feel not confidence with your wide forehead and try to cover it with your bangs? You will think the problem is your face shape but it might be on your hair line. Then you should considering about famous plastic surgery who will offer you hair line contouring.

Not only contouring your face shape, famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea also can contour your hair line. There are various method used by WONJIN Plastic Surgery to make slimmer face and this is one of them. For you that suffering from hair loss, this might be the best solution.

famous plastic surgery

Hair line contouring will fill the empty spots to make forehead and face slimmer to provide three-dimensional look. Famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea use this upgraded hairline transplant method from pre-existing hairline surgery. It will only improves the shape of the line between face and hair. It also can reduces the width of face and derives small and slim face.

Who is recommended for hair line contouring by famous plastic surgery?

  • Have wide face due to big cheekbones
  • Have big head that makes face look big as well
  • Have wide side face due to no sideburns
  • Wish to have slimmer face by hairline correction
  • Have wide forehead that makes face look big as well
  • Wish to have hair line correction after Two Jaw of Facial Contouring Surgery

Patients can get Korean face contouring effect by having hairline correction that has adopted contouring correction design considering not only the face from front view. Forehead, temple, sideburns, and outer angle of the eyebrows can be improve to be prettier shape.

What can you expected on this hair line contouring by famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea?

  • Harmonious design considering facial ratio image
  • Three-dimensional design considering front and side of your face
  • Curvy design for more natural look

For more information about WONJIN plastic surgery clinic Korea, you can reach us on facebookyoutubeinstagram! Well defined features, youthful appearance, sophisticated beauty all is possible at once!

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