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How Korea Face Contouring Make Egg Line Face

While other just focus on making sharp jawline, Korea face contouring has thought about the beauty that comes from overall balance. Therefore, perfect jawline shape is not only measured by v-line shape.

Recently, there is the new trending on Korea face contouring which is consisted of egg-shaped face line. It’s more elastic and firm from the inside. Korea face contouring may reduce the size of the face but this does not mean that it can also reduce the soft tissues of face skin and muscles, which may cause the sagginess depending on each individual’s condition.

At face contour Wonjin, we minimize the incision size to reduce the possibility of sagginess with our rich experience. However, face contour Wonjin provide variety types of lifting procedures to maximize the satisfactory for those who have a lot of fat on face and chin.

Korea face contouring also know well that small face and slender v-line can lead into pleasant impression and youthful experience. Therefore, face contour Wonjin not only just cut the bone into shape of alphabet V.

Who should take this egg line surgery?

  • Wide and roundish lower jaw
  • Have flat lower jaw line
  • Have asymmetric jaw or elongated jaw
  • Have conspicuous jaw bone
  • Have big face due to over developed muscles

How Korea Face Contouring Works?

  1. Incise inside mouth
  2. Proportional mandibular angle removal. To prevent occurrence of secondary angle, remove angle along the jaw line, effective for downsizing the entire mandible, both of frontal and profile.
  3. For necessary cases, cortical fracture is performed
  4. For the case with excessively developed masticatory muscle
  5. For cases with excessive fat on the face, removal of subcutaneous fat and/ or partial removal of buccal fat are performed.

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