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How to Choose The Best Korea Face Contouring

Korea face contouring are rising popular now because of it can get rid of smile line for the baby face effect. Korea face contouring give an overall rejuvenation effect on your face through various methods in case of sunken mid face and upper jaw or excessive smile line.

Also called ‘Pyriform Surgery’, Korea face contouring gives baby face effect along together with smoother impression by giving a volume on smile line. Those who have sunken smile line beside the nostrils, have protruded mouth due to dented area around mouth due to wrinkles around mouth and smile line, or look old due to deep smile line are recommended for this treatment.

What is the best side of Korea face contouring?

  1. Fixation on three parts makes implant immovable
    • Most Korea face contouring only fixates both sides which may take the implant to move upward. However, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group drastically reduced the possibility of implant movement by fixating on three parts. In addition, feeling of irritation on side effects are rare. Korea face contouring will incise the implant insertion area without involving nerve line and the insertion place is secured.
  2. One on one custom made implant
    • Korea face contouring by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group considers each individual’s face bone structure and the amount of muscle to accurately measure the soft tissues to make 1:1 customized implant for more natural shape.
  3. Improve smile line and protruded mouth at the same time
    • Deep smile line makes mouth look more protruded and by giving enough volume to the area around the nose. Korea face contouring can improve the appearance by correcting protruded mouth and smile line at the same time.
  4. Reduce face size and baby face effect at the same time
    • Deep smile line with sunken area around the nose makes a person look older with saggy cheek. Korean face contouring lifts up the saggy skin and gives volume which reduces the face size and gives baby face effect at the same time.

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