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Korea Breast Surgery Implant Insertion Area

When you want to do a surgery, you will observe all about the surgery. For Korea breast surgery, it is important to choose the proper breast implant types. But not only implant, you should know about the implant insertion area.

There is 3 types of Korea breast surgery implant insertion area:

  • Double Surface Insertion (Dual Plane)
    • This is the most advanced method which combined the advantages of upper and the lower muscular areas. The upper part of the implant is placed within the submuscular area, and the lower part of the implant is placed within the subglandular area. It is exquisitely renders the under breast fold for the most natural surgery outcome.
    • Advantages of double surface insertion:
      • Appropriate for all breast types
      • Natural shape as the under breast fold is exquisitely expressed
      • Naturally lifts and enlarges droopy breasts
      • The implant is highly integrated with mammary gland
      • Low possibility of capsular contracture
  • Sub-Glandular Insertion
    • The sub-glandular technique places the implant between the breast tissue and the chest muscle. It is appropriate to those who have enough breast tissue and volume. However, it is rarely performed nowadays since it results to an unnatural look with pronounced roundness with higher possibility of capsular contracture.
    • Advantages of sub-glandular insertion:
      • Effective in lifting droopy breasts
      • More cleavage can be created for distant breast case
      • In case the patient has enough volume, the shape can turn out natural

  • Sub-Muscular Insertion
    • The sub-muscular technique places the implants partially under the pectoral muscle through an endoscopic armpit incision. It is a safer choice for those who have excessively small breasts and have insufficient breast tissues.
    • Advantages of sub-muscular insertion:
      • Effective in Korea breast surgery size with natural shape
      • Reduces nerve damage
      • Low rate of capsular contracture
      • Implants’ rims are invisible as they’re covered by both the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle
      • Does not affect mammogram as the implant is

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