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Korea Breast Plastic Surgery Mini to Jumbo

Is it possible to make E cup from A cup? In Korea breast plastic surgery, there’s nothing impossible. Do you think it will be too much? Do not need to worry because it will be as natural as it is.

Korea breast plastic surgery only using trusted implant that has been approved by FDA. Also, these implants has been used in Western too. There are many type of implant, but there are 3 main textures in Korea breast plastic surgery:

  1. Smooth type: This breast implant is most commonly used in Korea breast plastic surgery. The surface is soft and smooth. It is suitable for people with thin skin and less breast tissue. The breast implant is able to move around and the breast freely after the surgery and does not stick with surrounding tissue so that the shape is natural. To prevent hardening after breast enlargement surgery, massaging the breast implant is recommended for more satisfying result.
  2. Textured type: This breast implant has a rough and uneven surface, allowing the tissue to grow between the curves and be fixed in place. This is one of the reasons tht the rate of changes in shape and hardening after Korea breast plastic surgery is low. It is common for correcting droopy breast that have a moderate amount of breast tissue and has the advantage of not requiring massage after the surgery.
  3. Textured teardrop type: The tear drop shaped breast implant has properties similar to the textured type, and allows the breasts and nipples to be slightly raised to accentuate the breast shape and line. Teardrop shaped breast implants may change the shape of the breasts after Korea breast plastic surgery before it settles so only texture is used.

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