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Korea Breast Plastic Surgery Functional Side

Pretty breast would not be complete without proper nipples. It’s kinda like nipples are primary features of your breasts. The size and shape of nipples contribute greatly to the overall appearance of breast. Therefore, Korea breast plastic surgery has nipple construction for your looks.

If nipple is retracted or abnormally big, then Korea breast plastic surgery is necessary for an ideal nipple shape. Nipple surgery corrects nipples that are retracted within the breast and reduces nipples that are abnormally big.

As we know, nipples are not only for aesthetic purposes but are also functionally responsible for breast feeding. Korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic is necessary to correct nipple abnormalities.

Korea breast plastic surgery recommend those who have nipple retraction or need nipple reduction or have functional breastfeeding problem to do nipple surgery. Also, those who have infection due to nipple retraction or have aesthetically unpleasant nipples.

For wide nipples, Korea breast plastic surgery will incise partial area of nipple and suture the nipples to reduce the width of the nipples.

Case of long nipples, Korea breast plastic surgery will incise partial skin of the root of nipple (avoid damaging mammary duct), suture the nipple with the areola.

Case of inverted nipple, to avoid damaging nipple, the smallest incision will be mad. And only appropriate for slightly inverted cases and there is a slight chance of relapse.

After Korea breast plastic surgery, breast-feeding is obviously possible. New mothers who had previous Korea breast plastic surgery can breastfeed their newborns and are strongly encouraged to do so. All postpartum women can produce at least droplets of colostrum (first milk). Even if mothers get only some milk, they are providing their baby with antibodies at every feeding.

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