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Korea Breast Surgery, It’s Dangerous If You Only Think About Big Size

More and more women pay attention to their body condition. How to loose weight? How to look good in S line? And of course they worry about their small breasts.

For some women, their breasts might be actually small in size originally, or some might be loosing the elasticity when they reach 30s. Especially those who experienced pregnancy and breast-feeding. In some cases, the size might also decreasing as well.

This is why people start to think of Korea breast surgery. But the trend is changing. In the past, people tend to have big breasts, whatever the risk, whatever people said, they focused on having big breasts.

But not now. It’s kind of dangerous if you only think about the big size. There are a lot of aspects to pay attention about. People prefer natural look which is just at the right volume for their body, instead of big breasts. Here, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, is trying to grant their wishes to have the most natural look which will complete their S line body.


Korea Breast Surgery


3 days is what you need to get your desired breasts. You can choose yourself what kind of breast implant you want to use. As well as the size you will add, and what kind of feeling you want. Yes, you’ll be able to see and touch the breast implants during the consultation session, before Korea breast surgery.

Each implant of course has their own advantages and disadvantages. That’s why the choice of breast implant is very important to do, as there are so many implants available.


Korea Breast Surgery


It’s recommended to discuss with the professional consultant and the plastic surgeon about the breast implants that you’ll use during the consultation. You can even try the implants to see how will it look on your body, before you decide to use it for Korea breast surgery.

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Besides the breast implant type itself, you can also choose your desired size and incision sites for Korea breast surgery.


Korea Breast Surgery


There are 3 types:
1. Wide & Low Type (for a large and full feelings)
2. Standard Type (standard size of women in Korea)
3. Narrow & High Type (if you want breast which is narrow but full of volume)

Meanwhile, for the incision sites, you can choose one out of the three sites: armpit, areola or breast fold. The incisions are made in inconspicuous areas to minimize the visible scarring. You will need to discuss with your plastic surgeon, which incision options are appropriate for the desired outcome.


Korea Breast Surgery


Some might be afraid of the side effects which might occurs after Korea breast surgery. For some people, it might occurs within 6 months after the surgery. One of the side effect is the capsular contracture. But this can be prevented through a delicate implant choice, as well as steady message after surgery.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group provides a total care of Korea breast surgery including post-surgery or after care treatment. Each patients might have different programs, as the program depends on the needs of each patients.


Korea Breast Surgery


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