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[Real Story] The Only Korea Breast Surgery That Matters

I feel weird after I finished the examination for my upcoming Korea breast surgery though.

It feels like, ‘Uhm, finally I’m really doing this surgery..’ Of course I’m anticipating it a lot, but it’s a lie if I’m not worried about it.

The Only Korea Breast Surgery That Matters

I don’t know the exact size that I will use for this Korea breast surgery but I believe in the plastic surgeon, and I feel happy by only imagining it! My breast will get bigger in few days!

The Only Korea Breast Surgery That Matters

It’s been 3 days after Korea breast surgery. I thought it would be hurting so much and hard to bear but actually I’m surprised that it’s a lot of better.

Though, it hurts so much when I cough.
But it’s still something that I can endure, I guess.

I used blood bag after the Korea breast surgery but as the blood loss is not that much, the blood bag can be removed faster. It’s more comfortable without it.

The Only Korea Breast Surgery That Matters

7 days passed. Finally I got free from the compressive bra!! I also got disinfection on the incision scar!

I still have to wear the bandage so the implant and the breast shape won’t spread. It’s like something to gather the breast? I guess.

I need to wear it in order to get the prettiest breast shape!

The Only Korea Breast Surgery That Matters

30 days and I don’t feel any pain anymore. I still use the scar ointment cream, as well as the medicine to prevent the capsular contracture, every morning and night.

If you asked me how it feels.. I don’t know?
I mean, it’s getting softer but I guess it still needs time and I’m patiently waiting for it.
The best part is that I don’t have to massage it, which is very comfortable.

The Only Korea Breast Surgery That Matters

2 months or 60 days after Korea breast surgery, and the major swellings are gone, that’s why my breast looks a bit smaller? Well, it might be only a small details but there are differences for sure.

But I really feel good as it’s getting bigger than my actual breast was.

And you know what? Recently I also did a photo shoot as underwear model!
I can’t believe this kind of thing is happening to me ><

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