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Korea Eye Plastic Surgery Super Power!

When the eyes has no strength to open by itself, then Korea eye plastic surgery should be considered. It’s normally often called by sleepy eyes. The general problematic cause for these types of eyes are from muslucar dysfunction or weakness.

Also, it can be considered as one of the most difficult rather than another Korea eye plastic surgery. At eyelid surgery Wonjin, patients consistently feel satisfied with their result.

People with ptosis can look tired, sleepy, and dull, as their eyelids would constantly droop over their eyes. Regular forceful contraction of the muscles involved when consciously lifting the eyelids and eyebrows. Also, it can form severe wrinkles on the forehead.

In such cases, depending on the patient’s skin tupe and the mass of drooping skin, either non-incision or incision Korea eye plastic surgery can be implemented to lift the eyelid back.

The incision method of Korea eye plastic surgery is recommended for those whose eyelid sag severely, and have thick and excessive muscle and fat tissues in their eyelids. On the other hand, non incision method of Korea eye plastic surgery is suitable for thin eyelids with minimal bulky components.

Not all the drowsy looking eyes are corrected by ptosis correction. However, unless the eyelid covers more than 1/3 of the pupils, natural muscle fixing method can be used to correct the drowsy-looking eyes. With eyelid surgery Wonjin, patient can get the double effect of Korea eye plastic surgery, double eyelid plus brighter vision!

How is Korea Eye Plastic Surgery works?

  1. Surgeons plan and customize each individuals eyelid surgery.
  2. Depending on the type of the skin: miniscule punctures or incisions are made.
  3. Connecting muscle and eyelid skin.
  4. Suturing.

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