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Korea Eye Plastic Surgery

Korea eye plastic surgery



Do you have small eyes that make you get frustrated all the time?

Are you tired of putting eyeliner and eye make-up to make your eyes as big as doll’s eyes?

Maybe this is the time you should consider Korea Eye Plastic Surgery!

You might wonder which types of Korea Eye Plastic Surgery that you actually need.

Here are some FAQ and some concerns to help you understand better.


golden ratio for perfect eyes




Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea won’t offer double eyelid surgery to every small eyed patients, nor we proceed ptosis correction just because the patient’s eyelid has become droppy. Wonjin natural fixation method can give the effect of double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction at once!


double eyelid surgery only vs natural mucle fixing method




2) Korea eye plastic surgery with incision is too burdensome! 

Thanks to the non-stop effort from Wonjin Plastic Surgery, we are now able to make double eyelid without incision no matter whether your eyelid is thick or thin. This is because the natural fascia fixing method (natural adhesion) at Wonjin widens the eye length by controlling the eyelid muscles and removes unnecessary fats without incision.

As a result, the pupils become more exposed, and we can customize the height of the eyelid according to your preference.

Wonjin advanced korea eye plastic surgery non incisional method



3) Won’t the thread be seen unevenly?

The outcome of the surgery depends solely on the skills of the surgeon despite using the same type of threads. The eyelids are actually frail and thus requite nimble skills. The eyelids are sutured through small holes (for non incision method) or less than 2 mm incision (for partial incision method) or less than 5 mm incision (for incision method). The knots are tied deep inside the eyelids and forms sleek lines above the eyelashes. Scars and sutures are barely visible after the surgery.



4) What’s the difference between ptosis correction without incision and with incision?

With Incision Without Incision
Target OK for every case only for thin eyelid
Fat removal OK almost impossible
Fixing scale wide small
Swelling + little
Scar little almost unseen


ptosis incision non-incision method
Ptosis incision non-incision method



ptosis incision full incision method
Ptosis incision full incision method



5) Will patient’s sight get worse?

It won’t happen. Some people might feel their sight get worse after korea eye plastic surgery but it’s actually caused by swelling after the surgery. When the swelling subsides, patient’s sight will get back to normal.


6) Can patient use lens after korea eye plastic surgery?

Patient can use lens 2-3 days after thread removal or depends on each patient’s condition. If patient doesn’t feel comfortable then he or she is better to wait 2-3 more days.


7) When can patient do lasix?

Depends on the type of korea eye plastic surgery, generally patient will need 2-4 weeks after the surgery.


8) Can patient use faked eyelashes?

Super glue can irritate eyes and thus slow down the recovery process. That’s why it is better to use faked eyelashes at least 3-4 weeks after korea eye plastic surgery.


9) When can patient use make-up?

Generally patient can use make-up at least 2-3 days after thread removal but it’s better to use it 7 days after Korea eye plastic surgery or when eyelids don’t hurt anymore when they are touched.


10) When can patient return to normal daily activities?

Unless there are other uncomfortablesness, usually patient can return to normal daily activities the day after korea eye plastic surgery.


11) What is the precautions after doing Korea eye plastic surgery? 

Avoid bowing head, carrying heavy objects, lying sideways. Make sure you keep your head upright.


13) What is the best sleeping position after doing Korea eye plastic surgery?

Patient can sleep while sitting. Or if it is uncomfortable, patient can sleep with 2-3 pillows to help swelling goes down faster.


14) Can patient go to sauna or gym to take exercise after Korea eye plastic surgery?

Patient can do light exercise only. Patient must avoid going to sauna or gym for at least 1 month for a better and faster recovery process.


15) When can patient start to wash his or her face?

Patient can wash his or her face one day after thread removal. Before thread is being removed, patient is better to use wet towel to clean face but never rub the surgical area. And also avoid water on the surgical area.










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