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Korea Face Contouring For Slimmer Looks

Common thing that Korea has about their beauty standard for facial shape is small face looks. The smaller and slimmer is better in Korea face contouring. And that goes for both male and female, from celebrities to non-celebrities.

Through only one touch on jaw placement, you can get a well-defined V-line. Korea face contouring has variety methods depending on your face complex: cheekbone reduction, chin surgery, jawline reduction, and square jaw reduction.

Korea face contouring has also provided non incision method to give you well-defined v-line and beautiful face outline. While you can contour your face with make up to get closer to v-line look, only one touch by Korea face contouring can make your face slimmer and smaller in longer time.

Wonjin Korea face contouring is different than other face contour surgery in Korea. It’s not just about cutting the face bone, but to reveal the ideal face shape behind the protruded bones. Korea face contouring also requires sophisticated and professional skills of surgeon.

Ideal face structure by Korea face contouring

  • Facial width is small and slender
  • Ideal jaw length should be in a ratio of 0.8:1, with 1 being the horizontal forehead length above the eyebrows
  • The chin is short and slim
  • The line from the nose tip extending to the tip of the chin is called a ‘beauty line’. Using this line as a reference the lower lip should be 2mm lower than the upper lip
  • The center of the nose bridge should be in a vertical line with the upper lip
  • The ideal angle made between the horizontal line and the line formed from touching the upper/lower lip should be 75-80 degrees.

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