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[Korea Face Contouring] Understanding Front Chin Surgery For Slim V-Line Face



Do you have short chin or retreated chin or receding chin?

Do you have small chin?

Do you have excessively developed chin?

Do you have unbalanced facial contour?

or maybe you are dissatisfied with your current facial contour?

Korea face contouring at Wonjin Plastic Surgery can correct over/ under bite by

1) decreasing or extending the chin length (front chin surgery)

2) moving the jaws forward and backward (Korea Two Jaw surgery)

3) combining both front chin surgery + Korea two jaw surgery (Maxillofacial surgery)

4) inserting implant or grafting fat to give satisfactory jaw line and chin line



Is it possible to correct the overall facial appearance only with chin reconstruction?

Depending on the patient’s facial structures, Front chin surgery can fully display the effects of korea face contouring surgery. Many celebrities opt for front chin surgery due its simplicity and efficacy.





As shown in the picture above, the wide & bulky chin essentially make her face looks big and wide. T-shape osteotomy of the chin was performed to achieve a much desirable V-line.




Eliminating lumps and wrinkles on the chin by front chin surgery.

Here Wonjin uses plates and pins but they are unnoticeable and does not cause any deformities.




The bone and some muscle mass will be fragmented and incised. The bones will be converged together and the surrounding tissues will be neatly affixed to eliminate rough surfaces to create a smooth outline.


Will nerves become dull after front chin surgery?



Nerves are only damaged when inexperienced surgeons cut away excessive bone mass and disrupts the nerves. Wonjin Plastic Surgery experienced surgeon will accurately identify the location of each nerves and blood vessels, preventing nerve damage. Numbness after surgery is natural and will subside within 2-3 months.


Advantages of Korea face contouring – Front Chin Surgery

  • Full facial contour effect is gained with front chin correction alone
  • Saving time and cost as it is a simple surgery
  • Immediate return to daily activities and work
  • Micro incision inside the mouth prevents scarring and swelling
  • Semi-permanent effect will be gained if an implant is inserted


Retracted chin case: front chin surgery vs implant insertion surgery

When the end of the chin is more folded inwards, we call it “no chin”. To deal with this case, Wonjin will analyze and diagnose more each patient’s individual conditions. An appropriate solution should be determined according to the anatomical position of the patient’s chin.




For the person above, she is clearly has no chin. Wonjin recommended her to have osteotomy in the jaw bones and advancing forward to reposition the chin bone. 



But if the end of the chin is only folded slightly in, then inserting implant will be effective just like the case below.





Front chin surgery procedures for each type of chin

1) For retracted chin




2) For wide & broad chin : T-shape osteotomy surgery




3) Long chin- Chin reduction




4) Short chin – front chin bone transplant surgery









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