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Korea Rhinoplasty Functional Side

Having nose job in Korea isn’t just about beauty purpose. Korea rhinoplasty also cure nose health problem. So having beauty and health nose is not only just a dream. Many people must have bored and annoyed about having sneeze all the time.

Maybe you are one of those people who always sneeze all the time? Then you should be aware of sinusitis and rhinitis. Maybe it’s not a big problem in your life. But how long you want to endure to sneeze all the time? Since there is Korea rhinoplasty, there is no need to worry about.

In Korea rhinoplasty, there are special collaboration that can satisfy and amaze you at once! First, ENT Doctors handled functional nose problem. Then changed to surgeon to make nose shape prettily. Well, Korea rhinoplasty itself also has 2 ways to performed.

If we compare Korea rhinoplasty to house, it’s like repair wall inside the house. We can open the roof and take a look what inside the house. It’s called Open Incision Surgery. Or without open the roof we can look what inside the house through window. It’s called Closed Incision Surgery.


ENT Doctors mostly do closed incision. But if they are collaborated with surgeon, they mostly do Open Incision. In fact, Korea rhinoplasty also need patient’s part. The biggest part that patient can do is for recovery process. Here are the list that you can do or not after Korea rhinoplasty!

  • Bruising or swelling may occur for the first 2 days after surgery but it will gradually subside.
  • Do not touch or remove scab or scar inside of your nose.
  • Blowing your nose or spitting out sputum aggressively can cause bleeding.
  • Your nose may look asymmetrical or curved due to swelling but it is normal.
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking is prohibited for 4 weeks after the surgery.

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