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Korea Two Jaw Surgery: Face, Beauty, and Symmetry

Asymmetry Face is caused due to abnormal development of face bones. As we know that it is normal for every person’s face and body is a little asymmetric. But if the level of asymmetry is high, then it will cause masticatory dysfunction and problems in jaw point. Korea two jaw surgery is ready to solve this problem.

Before you do Korea two jaw surgery, you have to do self-diagnosis of Asymmetric Face:

  • Do you have correct centerline but different jaw sizes from side to side?
  • Do you have correct centerline but different jaw line from side to side?
  • Do you have slanted centerline with long jutting chin?
  • Do you have slanted centerline with protruded mouth or short chin?

If you have ‘yes’ answer to question above, you are recommended to do Korea two jaw surgery for asymmetry face. But what is exactly the cause of asymmetric face?

  • Inborn with asymmetric face
  • Damaged teeth or habit of chewing with only one side of mouth
  • Injury on jaw area
  • Acquired imbalanced development of jaw

Asymmetry can be corrected after accurate analysis of the cause and symptoms. Accurate and systematic treatment is possible through cooperative treatment system with Wonjin Dental Clinic. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group only offer the customized surgery that will bring the best result for each individual.

With Korea two jaw surgery, bone relocating surgery is required depending on the level of asymmetry but if there is a slanting problem on upper jaw, shaving the upper jaw horizontally to correct the slanting angle and move the lower jaw to the center accordingly.

Korea two jaw surgery is not the only way for asymmetry face. Square jaw reduction in Korea face contouring is the other way to solve it. If the centerline is normal but face is asymmetric, correction on both sides of the face through square jaw reduction is required.

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