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Korea Two Jaw Surgery – SAFER & More NATURAL



If Korea face contouring surgery on forehead, cheekbone and square jaw is considered as two-dimensional plastic surgery procedure, Korea Two Jaw Surgery is considered three-dimensional procedure. This is because of the 3D change after Korea Two Jaw Surgery which allows not only the overall face line but also jaw’s location and angle can be corrected very precisely.


3D Effect of Korea Two Jaw Surgery

  • Angle adjustment of aesthetic line
  • Length adjustment of upper and lower jaw
  • Position adjustment of front and back location
  • Face dimension adjustment
  • Occlusal adjustment

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Korea Two Jaw Surgery – Completion of baby face, Golden Ratio



The key point of beautiful face is the balance!

1) It is important to find the face balance for individuals during face contouring surgery

2) Golden ratio makes attractive face

3) Consider the overall balance, not only specific part of the face


Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea Two Jaw Surgery Method – ‘Virtual Operation’


The advanced technology of 3D simulation programs make it possible for Wonjin to accurately predict the post-operative result. ‘Virtual Operation’ reduces inconvenient procedures of pre-operative orthodontic treatment which also drastically reduces the recovery time and cost but this procedures must be backed up by an accurate diagnosis, rich experience and know-how.


The advantages of ‘Virtual Operation’

1) Improvement of appearance with jaw correction before the actual surgery

2) By improving the bone structure problem first, it drastically reduces the orthodontic treatment period

3) The prediction of the surgery is very accurate






Decreased Error Range and Increased Safety through Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea Two Jaw Surgery ‘ Virtual Operation’


1) Paper Surgery

With the precise measurement data by 3D CT, Wonjin is able to design an acccurate treatment plan on the paper







2) 3D Surgery

Establish a highly accurate surgery plan through analyzing the face transformation on various angles with our SOPP (Simulation Operation Prediction Program)







3) Model Surgery

With gathered information through 3D CT and X-ray, Wonjin proceeds a mock surgery with custom-made occluder.








Getting to know more about fixation method of Korea Two Jaw Surgery



Fixation method in the past – COMPLETE FIXATION

Due to lack of advanced equipment in the past, wire or band were used for intermaxillary fixation after the surgery. This method involves in fixation of both upper and lower jaw which lead to breathing or eating problem.







Latest Fixation method – NON-FIXATION

Non-fixation method requires high surgical skills to carry out an accurate surgery plan since it does not involve intermaxillary fixation. This method has the advantage of faster recovery and easier food ingestion. 





self-fixation-method-korea-two-jaw-surgerySELF FIXATION KOREA TWO JAW SURGERY

Has both advantage of convenience from non-fixation method and the safety from complete fixation method. This method allows free movement of the jaw since it only fixates two parts with bands.














Self fixation overcomes the limitation of complete fixation and non-fixation methods.

Only uses the advantages of both complete and non-fixation method to maximize the satisfaction.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery doesn’t recommend only one fixation method. We provide the best suitable fixation method after thorough consultation and precise diagnosis for the best result and fast recovery.






Before and after Korea Two Jaw Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery










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