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Korea Two Jaw Surgery vs Orthodontic

Better to do Korea two jaw surgery first or orthodontic? It says the most complicated surgery, why we must do it? Does my face should has two jaw surgery? Many people has these worries when we talk about this surgery.

People often to choose Korea face contouring instead of two jaw surgery even the dramatic result can’t be obtained. People are afraid. In fact, Korea two jaw surgery is the surgery that need highest standard and skill to be performed. Two jaw surgery involves in giving resolutions for both aesthetic and functional problems at the same time.

What to do first: Two Jaw Surgery vs Orthodontic?

Korea Two Jaw Surgery FIRST! Why?

  • Fixation Purpose : To match the teeth location after surgery in case of orthodontic
  • Treatment Plan : Possible for various surgery plan
  • Treatment Duration : 6 months ~ 1 year 6 months
  • Recovery Period : Even the fixation is done, the recovery period is short

Orthodontic FIRST! Why?

  • Fixation Purpose : To make balance on the bone in case of severe chin formation
  • Treatment Plan : Limited case
  • Treatment Duration : 2 years ~ 2 years 6 months
  • Recovery Period : After surgery, it needs 2 years and more to recover

Korea two jaw surgery need to be done first before orthodontic to reduce the orthodontic period. Various cases are also can be solved and Two Jaw Surgery WONJIN can reduce the orthodontic period for more than 1 years.

The fixation method disabled food intake and daily activities immediately after surgery. But with the development of technology and surgery skills of WONJIN, the fixation method enable easier jaw movement and return to daily activities such as eating, talking, oral rinsing after the surgery.

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