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Korean Best Eye Plastic Surgery Find Your Balance

It’s normal when parts of our body are sometimes asymmetry. Asymmetric eyelid can be caused by variety of problems. Drooping or ptosis of one eyelid can cause over lifting of the opposite side adding to the asymmetries. These can all be corrected with Korean best eye plastic surgery.

There are a number of possible causes of asymmetric eyelid lines. It is important to figure out the reasons and determine the most suitable surgical methods to balance lines.

When the eyes are conspicuously asymmetrical, the overall balance of the face can be often be outlandish. Simple surgeries such as ptosis correction can restore symmetry of the eyes if poor muscular contracture of the eyelid was the problematic cause. This will restore balance when opening and closing the eyes. Also, the eyes can look attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Korean best eye plastic surgery also can use simple double eyelid surgeries method to correct asymmetry. This method can be used if problem arises from lopsided double eyelids (such as having one double eyelid on one eye but one the other).

There are numerous variable factors that can cause asymmetry. Therefore, it is essential to consult with our exceptional surgeons at Wonjin, Korean best eye plastic surgery, and determine the best possible solution that is right for you.

Sometimes, patients have double eyelid surgery on one eye only if their opposite eye already posses a double eyelid. This is possible by the patients’ request. However, it is not recommended as the newly formed double eyelid line may not match the pre-existing double eyelid. Therefore, it is best to simultaneously correct both sides to achieve the most desirable outcome.

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