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Korean Best Face Contouring: Shape & Angle

Do you know what is the best point on Korean best face contouring? Perfect face shape from every angle! The main purpose of face contouring itself is to hide the protruded lines to make definite and sleek line.

Of course, face contouring is not only about cut the protruded bones. Maybe all of you wondering how can we make smaller v-line shaped face without shaving bone? Korean best face contouring is able to improve the face muscle, skin, fat, and ratio which also allows a quick recovery.

For example, you have wide square jaw that can make bigger face effect. You can either do the square jaw surgery or botox treatment by Korean best face contouring. Face contour Wonjin choose the method by patient’s case.

Botox is a simple procedure to make muscle weaker and it’s also effective after square jaw reduction. People who have developed chin muscles which makes the jaw look square are recommended to take this treatment.

Such a simple procedure that only need 5-10 minutes, but you should wait 2-3 weeks to feel the effect. Face contour Wonjin only uses botox approved by the FDA. Not only on square jaw, botox are used to improve overall wrinkles on the face and people who wish to have shapely calves without surgery.

Then, how square jaw reduction surgery works?

  • Incision inside of mouth
  • Proportional mandibular angle removal
  • For necessary case, cortical fracture is performed
  • For the case with excessively developed masticatory muscle, perform masticatory muscle removal at the same time
  • For cases with excessive fat on the face, removal of subcutaneous fat and/or partial removal of buccal fat are performed
  • Suture with dissolvable surgical thread

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