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Korean Best Face Contouring TOP 3 Picks!

Same as other Korea plastic surgery, Korean best face contouring also has pretty ideal ratio. From front view, the face is divided into three parts. From the forehead to the eyebrow, from the eye brow to the nose tip, and from the nose tip to the chin. The ideal ratio is 1:1:0.8 but of course it depends for every person. Rather to match into this fixed numbers, it’s more important to find the balance ratio for each patient’s face.

Korean best face contouring has various treatment to cure various facial shape problem. As it is a high level surgery, safety is considered as much as the achievement of a beautiful face line. Face contour WONJIN provides experienced face contouring specialists, anesthesiologist, proper medical equipment and proper emergency manual for your safety.

Korean Best Face Contouring TOP 3 Surgery Picks

  • Cheekbone reduction surgery
    • If the width of cheekbone is wider than the width of forehead, cheekbone surgery can be a resolution for a slimmer and smoother face line. Protruding side cheekbones are reduced while front cheekbones are volumized for a refined face line.
  • Square jaw reduction surgery
    • Excessive reduction of the jaw bone may result to a very unnatural jaw line. Therefore, it is important to find right angle and the right contour of your face that suits each individual after a careful consideration of the overall facial ratio for the most natural and defined look.
  • Front chin reduction surgery
    • Front chin reduction surgery also requires sophisticated skill of surgeon for an accurate “T-shaped” excision of the bone. For the safety, it must be done after analyzing the chin structure and nerve location.

Many people are worried about loss of sensation occurs after the surgery. Korean best face contouring should be performed after identifying the location of the nerves with the CT and X-ray. When the nerves are located low around the jaw line., it’s important to have the surgery by an experienced specialist to avoid nerve injuries.

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